League of Legends Tier List: The Best Mid Lane Champs on Patch 11.1

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

We give our League of Legends aggregated solo queue tier list for Patch 11.1, looking at the best mid lane champions!

The start of Season 11 for mid laners means facing off with a lot of strong control mages like Viktor and Anivia. But, with the recent buffs in Patch 11.1, you can add Yone and Yasuo to the list. They certainly jumped up to the top of our mid lane tier list.

Our aggregated League of Legends tier list pulled data from ten different sites around the internet to see how they each ranked the top champions in each role in Patch 11.1. From that, we are able to give our average ranking of each champion that was graded or listed in at least half of those tier lists. As always, you can find the link to all the underlying data here.

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Mid Lane Tier List

S tier: Anivia (⇑), Fizz, Pantheon (⇑⇒)
A+ tier: Ekko (⇐), Galio (⇓), Zed, Viktor, Katarina (⇑⇒) 
A tier: Annie (⇐), Diana (⇒), Yone (⇑⇒), Talon (⇒), Malzahar (⇒) 
B tier: Ahri (⇓), Kassadin, Morgana, Malphite (⇓), Neeko, Cassiopeia, Rumble, Akali (⇓), Vladimir, Zoe, Aurelion Sol, Yasuo, Twisted Fate, Leblanc, Seraphine (⇑), Sylas, Orianna, Lux, Xerath (⇒), Qiyana (⇒)
C tier: Lissandra (⇐⇓), Pyke, Vel’Koz, Syndra, Irelia, Lucian (⇓), Brand, Swain, Renekton (⇑), Corki, Ryze (⇑), Ziggs (⇒), Jayce (⇒), Azir (⇒)
D tier: Gragas (⇑), Heimerdinger (⇑), Veigar (⇓), Sett, Tristana (*)
F tier: Aatrox (⇐), Zilean, Garen, Karthus (⇓), Taliyah, Cho’Gath, Kayle (⇓), Mordekaiser, Nocturne

Dropped: Camille


  • * = new to the League of Legends tier list this patch
  • ⇑ = improved (rated at least one tier higher than the previous patch)
  • ⇓ = declined (rated at least one tier lower than the previous patch)
  • ⇐ = borderline-up (within 10% of being in the next-higher tier)
  • ⇒ = borderline-down (within 10% of being in the next-lower tier)

Rising Picks

Three champions – Gragas, Seraphine, and Pantheon – had massive jumps to their position on our tier list. Heimerdinger, Renekton, Yone, Aatrox, Ryze, and Ziggs also got some smaller, but still significant, boosts to their rankings.

Falling Picks

Veigar, Akali, Mordekaiser, and Lucian all took significant hits to their ranking in Patch 11.1. This means that their ranking only dropped by a half-tier or so, which is significant but not massive.

Underrated Picks

For the second patch in a row, Annie is the most underrated mid on our tier list. She has only a 1.07% pick rate despite being an A tier mid.

Overrated Picks

Yasuo got stronger thanks to the buffs in Patch 11.1, but that doesn’t justify him having the fourth-highest (9.94%) pick rate when he’s only a B tier champion.

Buffed Champions

Qiyana (B ⇒ B tier)
Ryze (D ⇒ C tier)
Yasuo (B ⇒ B tier)
Yone (B ⇒ A tier)

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Nerfed Champions

Pantheon (B ⇒ S tier)

Kayle the biggest drop this patch following her nerfs, falling all the way down into the C tier. Annie also fell slightly, out of the A+ tier and down to A tier, though it wasn’t enough to constitute a significant drop. Fizz, on the other hand, remains S tier even after getting nerfed.