LCS 2021: Breaking Down All the New Team Jerseys

Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games.
Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games. /

With the new LCS season comes a new look. Plenty of teams have already showcased new jerseys to help the players look good and play good. Here are the six teams in the LCS debuting new jerseys during the 2021 season and some thoughts to see who the most stylish team in the LCS.

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Flyquest had some cool jerseys to go along with their green charity projects in 2020. They had a floral print for spring, a turtle pattern for summer,  jellyfish for the Summer Playoffs, and their Worlds had a dragon on it.

In 2021 they return to eco-themed jerseys with a bumblebee motif. Their new jerseys have a bee, honey combs/a hive, and flowers for the bees to pollinate.  It’s a white jersey with some gold, pink and purple.

The jersey is a bit similar to last spring’s look but I think it still looks really good. The bumblebee is cute and is the same one that has been seen on other FlyQuest merchandise. It’s definitely worth the purchase for FlyQuest fans.


Cloud9 will have two new jerseys in 2021. They have a black one and a white one. The Cloud9 logo is in the background on both with another small logo on top of it.

I’m not entirely sure I like this jersey. I love Cloud9, but I think their 2020 jersey was better. I wish they would have done something in blue for 2021, not just black and white so it feels like they missed out.

LCS teams have some great new jerseys for 2021!


The owl has been replaced with the alien head that is being called Digi. Well, Digi is featured in both of Dignitas’ 2021 jerseys.

They have a white version they are designating as an “away” jersey with a black “home” jersey just like traditional sports. Both jerseys look ok though.  I do like the gold bar down the side and Digi is pretty cool.


TSM has a black jersey with red accents. The background looks to be like geometric triangles, which is giving me a bit of a 90’s vibe. There are seven stars above the TSM logo, to signify the organization’s seven LCS titles. This jersey looks pretty clean if a little boring.

100 Thieves

The franchise that is best know for its merchandise, of course, has a new jersey in 2021. The jersey is black with Thieves logo on the chest in a gradient of white and red. Then a gradient stripe of red, white, and black are in the middle.

It looks really cool, which is probably why it sold out in a day. I would say this is my favorite of the new LCS jerseys.

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WOW, what a boring jersey. It’s just plain black with a small Immortals logo in the corner and a big Toyota logo in the middle. I understand sponsors get a spot, but this looks like it is more a jersey for Toyota than Immortals.

There is another Immortals logo on the bottom, but it seems like an addition rather than a feature. These are hands down, the worst new jerseys of 2021.