League of Legends: Best Jungle Clears for All Champions in Season 11

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

We’re only a few weeks into League of Legends Season 11 and there is already a mad scramble to understand and optimize all the new items. One overlooked aspect of the Season 11 changes, however, were the changes to the jungle items. Along with the changes to some of the jungle camps, this has led to massive adjustments to the jungle clears of most champions.

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Luckily for all you junglers out there, one enterprising Redditor and Youtuber named Phylaris has managed to compile a list of the optimal jungle clears for all the traditional junglers in Season 11. His post links to a spreadsheet where he details the optimal starting jungle paths for the new season, including a Youtube clip of each path and a timestamp for how long it should take a player to complete that first clear.

Another very interesting (and helpful) thing that Phylaris does in this post is to recommend whether or not to save your second smite for the early Scuttle Crab, or simply path to the uncontested crab. Junglers know that getting that early Scuttle Crab is crucial because if the enemy jungler is able to “double crab” you and get both Scuttles, you are put massively behind in experience.

Some of the paths and clears are from other League of Legends content creators, and he makes sure to link to Youtube VODs of them performing these clears. He will also give his tips and thoughts on certain jungle clears, including how to mechanically best clear the camps or what to look for that might cause you to deviate from the laid out path.

These are some of the best jungle clears in League of Legends right now!

One thing that I did notice is that there appear to be _ jungle paths that are most common. First is the Blue Buff to Gromp to Wolves to Raptors to Red (and then potentially Krugs) clear. This tends to be the preferred clear for junglers who can clear quickly to maximize their experience early and get onto the map with Red Buff for ganks.

The second clear is a more defensive option for slower-clearing junglers who need to get to their ultimates before ganks really get going. This path is Red Buff to Krugs to Raptors to Wolves to Blue to Gromp.

Finally, there is a very simple three camp clear that allows junglers to spike Level 3 quickly and gank. This is the standard Red Buff to Blue Buff to Gromp clear.

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As Phylaris makes clear in his post and the spreadsheet, these are not the best jungle clears that players should go within every single game. You should always be ready and willing to adapt to situations like invades or a laner blowing early Summoner Spells. However, if you are a jungle newbie, or just trying to re-learn the role for Season 11, this document is a great reference point.