League of Legends: Lunar Beast, Crystal Rose Skins on PBE

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

It’s time for a look ahead at what new skins will be coming to League of Legends, with Patch 11.3 now up on PBE. Though the types of skins have been teased before this, we now have word of which champions are getting skins. There will be three types of skins in Patch 11.3: Lunar Beasts, Crystal Rose, and Withered Rose, so let’s do a review to see what’s worth the RP.

Lunar Beast

Lunar Best Alistar is the first skin to check out, clocking in at a price of 1350 RP. It does look similar color-wise to Conqueror Alistar, but I would probably pick this one over Conqueror. You can also get one of seven chromas for this skin.

Lunar Beast Annie is the second skin at 1350 RP. It looks really nice and the gold, fiery Tibbers is awesome looking.

The new Lunar Beast skins highlight Patch 11.3!

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It may seem a bit similar to Panda Annie in terms of theme, but it’s different enough that you can add both to the collection. While Panda is cheaper, this one gives you more with new textures, voice lines, sound effects, and a new recall animation. This skin also has seven chromas, which is a first for an Annie skin.

Lunar Beast Aphelios is the next skin on PBE, also costing 1350 RP. It’s not much of a stretch having a Lunar New Year skin for a moon-based champ. On the plus side, it gives you a much lighter color scheme for him as opposed to the base, or Night Bringer skin. It looks’ great and comes with seven chromas too, so no complaints on this one.

Lunar Beast Darius is also coming to the Rift for 1350 RP on the next patch. I like how his Hemmorhage stack marks are lanterns, and otherwise this is another good-looking skin I would recommend for Darius. This skin also has seven chromas available.

Jarvan is also getting a Lunar Beast skin for 1350 RP, but I’m not entirely sure I like Jarvan with horns. However, it is nice to see him in something other than a different type of armor like a lot of his other skins. You can grab seven chromas for this skin also.

The last of these skins is Lunar Beast Fiora, which also has a prestige edition. The regular skin will cost 1350 RP. It’s a nice-looking skin in both forms and it’s nice to have Fiora not go too long without a new skin. This skin features seven chromas as well.

Crystal Rose Skins

Our first skin in Crystal Rose is for Swain at 1350 RP. This skin is very handsome. It’s a mix of Floral, Mafia, and Debonair skins all for one price.

Swain fans should be very happy with this one and this one is on my list of must-buy skins this year. You can add eight chromas to your collection for this skin.

Then we have Crystal Rose Zyra, which will cost 1350 RP and come with with eight chromas. On one hand, it’s another typical floral Zyra skin but on the other, it still looks amazing. I would still recommend this skin since it looks so great.

Withered Rose Skins

The first of two Withered Roses is Syndra for 1350 RP. I like the darker theme, which is a nice contrast to the lighter-themed Pool Party which was her last skin. Purple is for sure Syndra’s best color and the floating roses that replace her orbs are fantastic.

The final of the skins for Patch 11.3 is Withered Rose Talon at 1350 RP. It’s another good looking skin for a champ that doesn’t really lack them. No complaints here.

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I think I would give these skins a solid A ranking. They all look great and are well worth the RP to add to your collection.  Your wallet might not thank you, though, especially if you picked up any of the Shan Hai Scrolls skins that were released ahead of these and look great as well.