LCS 2021: Team Power Rankings Following Week 1

Photo by David Lee/Riot Games.
Photo by David Lee/Riot Games. /

After the first week of official LCS play, some teams have begun to surprise observers (Immortals, FlyQuest), while others have been massive disappointments (TSM). With Week 1 in the books, let’s give our power rankings for the league.

10. CLG (0-3)

Elo: 246 (-46)

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CLG wasn’t looked at as a strong team going into Week 1, given their disappointing performance during the Lock-In, but my god they were pathetic in their performances in the LCS’s opening week. Not only did they throw a game against TSM that they should have won, but they also lost to Dignitas in the opening game in a “battle” between two of the worst teams in the LCS.

9. Immortals (1-2)

Elo: 294 (+43)

Immortals were thoroughly unimpressive during the Lock-In tournament (save for the surprising play of Revenge) but they were also without their Oceanic bot lane of Raes and Destiny. In Week 1, they had their full lineup to bear and looked pretty good.

In their rough first week schedule of Golden Guardians, Team Liquid, and Cloud9 as opponents, emerging 1-3 would be considered a small triumph for Immortals. The fact that that one win came over Team Liquid, though, is thoroughly impressive.

Here’s how the LCS teams fare in our power rankings after Week 1.

8. Dignitas (1-2)

Elo: 325 (+28)

They managed to beat CLG to open the week, thereby proving themselves to not be the worst team in the LCS. After that, a couple of expected losses to 100 Thieves and Team Liquid, but DIG will get some more chances to secure their position when they face Immortals and Golden Guardians next week.

7. Golden Guardians (1-2)

Elo: 334 (-4)

Performing about as expected in Week 1, beating Immortals but losing to Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses, Golden Guardians are probably the 1-2 team that I would feel best about after one week of LCS action. They have a cakewalk Week 2 against TSM, DIG, and CLG, so I’m hoping GGS can take a 3-0 week and gain some momentum.

6. TSM (1-2)

Elo: 364 (-22)

TSM might be one of the “best” 1-2 team after one week of play, but they’re also easily the most disappointing. It’s not unexpected that TSM struggled, as both C9 and FlyQuest were tough opponents. But struggling to beat CLG (and frankly, getting the game handed to them) is not encouraging for this highly-paid squad. TSM needs to figure out their identity and fix their gameplay fast.

5. FlyQuest (1-2)

Elo: 372 (+7)

The actual best 1-2 team, FlyQuest actually had the decency to lose to two legitimately good teams in EG and TL. Their win over TSM was fairly clean, and the younger players are looking solid. If they can get anything resembling a decent performance from Licorice, this team could be dangerous.

4. Evil Geniuses (2-1)

Elo: 448 (+3)

A loss to 100 Thieves dashed EG’s hopes of starting the LCS season undefeated, but they’re still one of the clear strongest teams in the league. In particular, Impact and Jiizuke have been studs for this roster. Beyond those two, though, this entire roster has performed solidly, if not, better than expected, making them a legitimate threat for a top three spot.

3. Cloud9 (3-0)

Elo: 486 (+6)

Yes, they’re 3-0, but beating up on the weaklings of the LCS – Golden Guardians, TSM, and Immortals – doesn’t impress me yet. This is still a team with all the talent and I fully expect them to remain in this upper echelon for the foreseeable future. Against EG and 100 Thieves this weekend, they’ll get a chance to prove it.

2. 100 Thieves (3-0)

Elo: 487 (+16)

The more impressive of the 3-0 teams, 100 Thieves at least managed to take down EG to open the weekend before pounding on CLG and DIG. From an individual perspective, their team isn’t playing exceptionally, save for the bot lane of FBI and Huhi, so that makes their matches against C9 and TL this week a challenge. However, their team coordination is exceptional, which should make these great games.

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1. Team Liquid (2-1)

Elo: 500 (-27)

Yes, despite their loss to Immortals to kick off Week 1, I still think TL is the best team in the LCS. The gap has closed considerably, but their strong win over a decent FlyQuest team did help TL recover their place atop the power rankings. This week sets up two easy wins (TSM and CLG) and one tough match (100 Thieves) between two of the top three teams in our power rankings, which will be exciting to watch!