League of Legends: New Bee Skins Hit PBE for Three Champions

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Patch 11.4 came and went without any new cosmetic additions to League of Legends.  However, we received word that three new skins are being added to the Bee line of skins for the coming patch. Yummi, Malzahar, and Kog’Maw will be the new champions joining Teemo and Singed in buzzing around the rift with their new bee skins.

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Let’s start by saying awwwwwwwww isn’t the Yummi bee skin super cute. I love how her book is now a sunflower and it looks like your going back and forth to pollinate it after jumping back in. I also love the bright yellow almost gold color of her ultimate.

The skin itself is an adorable kitty in a bumblebee suit with flowers. It’s light-hearted, bright-colored, and fun. It fits right in with Yummi as a champ and is well worth picking up to me.

The second of the bee skins is going to Malzahar, which seems like an odd choice. Yes, it’s great for Malzahar mains that he’s getting a new skin, but in what way does this character say “let’s dress him like a bee?”

However, it looks pretty good and it’s nice to see a new theme for Malzahar that isn’t dark and edgy. I like how his underlings become bees and that his ultimate is you getting stuck in honey. Plus it has chromas to make this skin look even goofier and more fun.

Three new additions are coming to the Bee skin lineup in League of Legends.

The final skin is going to be for Kog’Maw, and it looks like Riot is continuing their theme of “make Kog a bug” skins. Butterfly, Caterpillar, and now Bee. So be sure to complete the collection by picking up this new skin.

Kog’Maw isn’t my favorite champ, but I do still find this skin quite funny. I also like how in the Void Ooze ability trail they included the little honeycomb details. Just a nice little touch worth noting. The skin is fun and modern and if you play Kog’Maw it’s worth getting.

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Overall League of Legends is adding three quality bee skins when these drop in Patch 11.5. I think most will find all three pretty funny, even if the champs they selected aren’t the most popular. But I certainly think that these will have us thinking about spring and shaking off the winter weather when they release.