LCS: Spring Split 2021 Week 4 Team Power Rankings

Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games.
Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games. /

Four weeks down in the LCS Spring Split and this weekend threw the standings, yet again, into chaos. It seems that almost any team can beat anyone else and, while there’s a clear number one, everything else in the standings is muddier than a toddler in a field after a rainstorm. Our elo power rankings will, hopefully, attempt to make some sense of the madness.

10. CLG (2-10)

Elo: 276 (+21)

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If you don’t have faith, why are you even here? No, seriously, who was watching that game against Dignitas on Sunday thinking that CLG might actually win? Yet win they did, doubling their season’s win total to two.

9. Golden Guardians (2-10)

Elo: 305 (+7)

Golden Guardians went 0-3 this weekend, but their elo actually went slightly up just based on some of the other games around them, in a weird trick of math. The point is, however, GGS has better quality wins (so far) than CLG did and have managed to outpace them so far this year.

Here’s how the LCS teams fare in our power rankings after Week 4.

8. Immortals (5-7)

Elo: 321 (+1)

A 1-2 week with their sole win over Golden Guardians, Immortals are quickly running out of time to make up ground on the playoff teams. They do have a rather easy schedule coming up this week, facing CLG and FlyQuest and they need to win these games to strengthen their position.

7. FlyQuest (4-8)

Elo: 347 (+5)

Obviously highlighted by that big win over TSM, FlyQuest moves up the elo power rankings slightly despite having a worse record than Immortals. FLY also has CLG on their schedule this week, so they are equally as desperate for victories if they want to make the playoffs.

6. Dignitas (7-5)

Elo: 392 (-26)

A 1-2 week hurts, but losing to CLG hurts even more. Concerningly for Dignitas fans, it seems the team is running low on steam, getting lackluster performances from FakeGod and Soligo. Without Dardoch and Aphromoo performing at a mega-high level, I fear DIG could be heading for a crash.

5. Evil Geniuses (7-5)

Elo: 416 (+4)

EG had a couple of wins over bottom-feeding teams like GGS and FlyQuest, keeping them at good pace to make top-six and grab one of those coveted playoff spots. They’ll face a couple of other playoff teams in 100 Thieves and Dignitas. If they can take down DIG (which seems likely given Dignitas’s recent form), they’ll be in a great position for the playoffs.

4. TSM (8-4)

Elo: 428 (-1)

There has to be something about FlyQuest, because they managed to quite easily handle TSM and sweep the season series. The fact that they were able to defeat TSM in the same weekend that TSM took down Team Liquid just throws more chaos into the power rankings.

3. 100 Thieves (8-4)

Elo: 457 (-1)

Beating Dignitas helped to create space between 100 Thieves and the rest of the pack, but the loss to C9 firmly kept the Thieves out of the upper echelon of teams. 100 Thieves are going to take on TSM in Week 5, in a matchup that may well determine who the second seed is going into the playoffs.

2. Team Liquid (7-5)

Elo: 464 (-4)

They lost to TSM, putting Team Liquid one game behind both 100T and TSM. They’re still above the other two 8-4 teams, largely because of their strong play during the Lock-In tournament and their strong roster. But time is definitely running low for TL to pull out of this downturn and next week’s game against C9 will be huge.

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 1. Cloud9 (10-2)

Elo: 495 (+11)

While there is a ton of chaos throughout our power rankings, Cloud9 reigns supreme. Another three-win week, with victories over 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses, and Cloud9 is now two games clear of second place. They can put even more space between themselves and the pack by beating TSM and TL.