League of Legend: The Five Biggest Changes of Patch 11.5

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Patch 11.4 was highlighted by those massive jungle changes, but Patch 11.5 is more about smaller, incremental buffs and nerfs. Plenty of items and champions received adjustments in the latest patch, and there is a great quality of life change with the introduction of starter bundles! Let’s check out the biggest changes found in Patch 11.5!

1. Stridebreaker Changes


"HALTING SLASH DASH RANGE: 200 >>> 300HALTING SLASH DASH SPEED: Slightly increasedHALTING SLASH SLOW DECAY: 60% over 2 seconds >>> 40% over 2 secondsDAMAGE: 100% AD >>> 75% AD"

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Even though the changes probably even out the efficiency of Stridebreaker, I think the increased range and dash speed is overall a buff. Stridebreaker is a very powerful (and underrated) mobility item for champions who need a way to gap close (Darius, Garen, etc.). Losing the slow on the slash does suck, but those champions are mainly using this item for the dash to gap close and often have some CC they can apply. An extra 100 range could really increase their power.

2. Muramana Changes


"Basic attacks and abilities deal 2.5% max mana as bonus damage against champions >>> Basic attacks deal 1.5% max mana as bonus damage. Melee abilities deal 3.5% max mana as bonus damage and ranged abilities deal 2.7% max mana as bonus damage; all abilities also deal +6% total AD as bonus damage against champions (on-hit attacks that trigger spell effects count as abilities for this purpose)"

Riot has changed Muramana to make it much better on champions who rely on abilities to do their damage, rather than auto attacks. Right off the bat, Jayce loves this change as it empowers his ranged abilities, but it gives him even more damage on his melee abilities when he goes for an all-in. Lucian, Corki, and Ezreal might also still like this change (as it’s a net buff for ranged spellcasters). I wonder if we might see champs like Gangplank start to experiment with Muramana now.

3. Seraphine Nerfs

"Passive – Stage Presence[REM] SUBSEQUENT NOTE DAMAGE DECAY: Seraphine’s Notes no longer decay in damage to non-minions[NEW] BACKUP VOCALS… BACK UP: Notes from allies now only deal 25% damage to all targets, including minionsNOTE DAMAGE: 4-16 (levels 1-18) >>> 4/8/14/24 (levels 1/6/11/16)R – EncoreCOOLDOWN: 160/140/120 seconds >>> 180/150/120 seconds"

Seraphine has been ridiculously strong in solo queue and pro play, but curiously Riot is taking away some of her power from the support role (less damage from Notes from allies) while giving more power to her mid and top (higher note damage late). The mid/top buffs are obviously only going to come in super late game, but in those roles where she gets more XP she will get there quicker.

4. Azir Nerfs


"W – Arise!SAND SOLDIER DAMAGE: 60-160 (levels 1-18) >>> 50-150 (levels 1-18)"

The Emperor of Shurima is just never going to be balanced in a way that makes him viable in solo queue, because in those cases he would be OP in pro play. Indeed, these nerfs are pro-play-focused, as Azir has been lackluster in the solo queue tier lists for quite some time and these nerfs will only knock him down further.

5. Rammus Nerfs


"Base StatsHEALTH GROWTH: 95 >>> 80"

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Now this one is definitely not a pro nerf, but it is really kind of ridiculous that Riot has elected to nerf Rammus in Patch 11.5, considering he’s only been A tier for the last few patches. This is in contrast to Udyr (who was also nerfed in Patch 11.5) who has been dominant for a while. Rammus, I fear, won’t be “OK” after this patch goes live.