Teamfight Tactics: The Five Biggest Changes in Patch 11.5

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

After a bunch of changes to the Chosen mechanic and Lucky Lanterns, the TFT meta shifted in Patch 11.4. While you might think that Riot would tone down the changes in the next patch, in fact there are some fairly significant changes that came in Patch 11.5.

1. Debuff Changes

"Debuffs of the same type no longer stack together.In events where multiple debuffs of the same type occur on the same unit, the strongest will become the priority debuff for its duration."

Previously, if a champion was affected by multiple debuffs (armor reduction, for instance), those debuffs would stack, creating instances where champions could have negative armor, which is obviously nuts. It also became unclear which debuffs were active on a single champion in combat, preventing players from understanding why their Cho’Gath got one-shot.

Now, only one debuff will apply at a time. It will be the strongest debuff, meaning if a champion with a -25 armor debuff then gets hit with a -30 armor reducing debuff, the -30 debuff will apply. However, if the -25 armor debuff would have lasted for the entire round, but the -30 debuff was only for a few seconds, the -25 armor debuff will return once the other one has timed out. The tl;dr is that only the strongest possible debuff will apply, even though technically multiple debuffs could be affecting a champion.

2. Morellonomicon & Sunfire Buffs

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"Burn Damage: 25% ⇒ 30% over 10 seconds"

Sunfire Cape

"Max Health burn damage over 10 seconds: 25% ⇒ 20%Sunfire Cape now applies its burn every 2 seconds instead of 2.5. This will result in more enemies on fire."

Morellonomicon is actually a very underrated item, especially when paired with Morgana (who is sleeper OP). Now, the item is getting higher burn damage, making her and it even stronger (even though she is also losing her MR shred)

Sunfire, on the other hand, is getting more of an adjustment than a straight buff. However, getting more ticks of damage at the expense of less damage overall becomes more effective after the first 10 seconds of combat. Since you’re putting Sunfire on beefy boys, it’s the hope that they will be able to live that long.

3. Elderwood Mage Buffs


"Mana: 80/150 ⇒ 75/140"


"Dark Blossom Damage: 450/600/900 ⇒ 500/650/1000"

Two key figures in the Elderwood/Mage comp get slight buffs in Patch 11.5, with Lulu having her mana costs dropped and Veigar getting more damage on his ability. The 50 damage at 1 and 2 stars is significant for Veigar, and the 100 damage bonus at 3-stars could make slow roll Veigar a legitimate threat.

4. Samira Nerfs


"Inferno Trigger now deals base physical damage in addition to a percentage of her Attack DamageInferno Trigger Damage: 0/0/0 ⇒ 15/25/40Inferno Trigger Attack Damage % scaling: 50/60/80% ⇒ 30/40/60%"

Samira is a monster in late game, fitting into almost any comp that she wants. One of her main items, Deathblade is also getting nerfed, but Riot is also taking some of her AD scaling damage away. She does get a little flat damage to compensate, but honestly this is overall a pretty big nerf.

5. Aurelion Sol Nerfs

Aurelion Sol

"Aurelion Sol with Mage trait activated now casts his 2nd cast 0.1 seconds later"

Trap Claw

"Trap Claw’s missile now travels significantly faster."

These changes might not seem that important, but they could actually be a big hit to TFT’s most powerful Mage. Currently, Aurelion Sol is one of the strongest mages, but these changes appear to give an interesting reaction to the changes with Trap Claw.

Right now, Trap Claw will fire a missle once the shield it grants is broken, stunning the champion who broke it. Aurelion Sol’s ability fires a high-damage line shot through the enemy team. This means that, in a lot of cases, when facing an Aurelion Sol Mage comp, the backline champions will get hit by his ability, which will break the spell shield.

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Now, with these changes, it seems to indicate that if one of your carries has a Trap Claw and it gets broken by Sol’s ultimate, the missile will travel back fast enough to stun him before the second cast of his ultimate. Now, these are very niche circumstances, because it requires Aurelion Sol to be in a Mage comp (to get the two casts of his ultimate) and the Trap Claw shield needs to be broken by Sol. However, this could make Trap Claw a high-priority buy when facing comps like Sol and Veigar.