League of Legends: Everything You Can Earn In The Space Groove Pass

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The newest League of Legends event centers around the highly-anticipated Space Groove skins. To go along with the new groove, Riot announced the start of the Space Groove event, which will feature unlockable content in the Space Groove Pass.

Players can celebrate by purchasing the Space Groove Pass straight up, for 1650 RP, which gives players 200 Space Groove Tokens and 4 Space Groove Orbs. Players can also purchase the Space Groove Bundle Pass for 2650, which includes everything in the Space Groove Pass with Lulu and her Space Groove skin. Both passes can be purchased through May 3.

The Space Groove event will run from April 1 through May 3. Players can redeem the tokens earned in the event up until May 17. Here’s a full breakdown of what’s on offer during the event:

Space Groove Skins

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Over the course of the event, there will be seven Space Groove skins available to purchase or unlock with Tokens. Blitzcrank, Lux, Rumble, Nasus, Nunu & Willump, Samira, and Lulu are all receiving skins.

These skins will cost 1350 RP apiece, with the exception of Space Groove Blitz & Crank, which will cost 1820 RP. Players can also buy all the skins plus border icons and a Space Groove ward for 16669 RP.


There are three major ways to earn Tokens and other cosmetics throughout the event. Players can participate in the Milestone Missions and Token Missions. There will also be competing missions. Players can choose to support “The Groove” or “The Harsh Vibes” and can earn rewards that correspond to either side of the mission.

While the Space Groove missions are free and available to all players to complete, players will need to unlock the Space Groove Pass to gain access to Milestone and Token Missions.

Space Groove Missions

Players can choose either “The Groove” or “The Harsh Vibes” to support for the Space Grooves missions. Which side you choose will determine which icon/emote pairing you will get. Those who choose “The Groove” will get a Toofers Icon and Peace Out Emote. Those supporting “The Harsh Vibes” earn a Frank Icon and Rock On Emote.

Regardless of which path players choose, they can earn up to 210 Tokens. They’ll also earn another Space Groove Icon and an Eternals Capsule.

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Milestone Missions

These missions all unlock once the player purchases the Space Groove Pass. Players must complete each milestone to move on to the next one. If the player completes all 20 milestones, they will be able to recieve:

  • A Space Groove Event Pass Mission Icon
  • 25 Prestige Points
  • 10 XP win boost
  • 3 new emotes (one is a mystery emote)
  • 3000 Blue Essence
  • 1250 Orange Essence
  • 2 Gemstones
  • 1 Masterwork Chest
  • 1 Hextech Key
  • 1 Space Groove 2021 Orb

Token Missions

Token Missions are earned by participating in Summoners Rift, TFT, ARAM, and ARURF matches during the event. By completing all the missions, players can earn 53 Tokens.


As always, the Tokens earned through the event pass will allow players to unlock skins and other content for free:

  • 1 Token = 10 Blue Essence
  • 10 Tokens = 100 Blue Essence
  • 20 Tokens = 1 Key Fragment
  • 50 Tokens = Random Champion Shard
  • 60 Tokens = Mystery Emote
  • 60 Tokens = 1 Key
  • 180 Tokens = 3 Keys
  • 200 Tokens = Space Groove 2021 Orb
  • 250 Tokens = Icon + Border for one the following skins:
    • Space Groove Blitz & Crank
    • Space Groove Lux
    • Space Groove Rumble
    • Space Groove Nasus
    • Space Groove Nunu & Willump
    • Space Groove Samira
    • Space Groove Lulu
  • 300 Tokens = Chroma + Icon Bundle for one the following skins:
    • Space Groove (Disco) Blitz & Crank
      Space Groove (Disco) Lux
      Space Groove (Disco) Rumble
      Space Groove (Disco) Nasus
      Space Groove (Disco) Nunu & Willump
      Space Groove (Disco) Samira
      Space Groove (Disco) Lulu
  • 300 Tokens = Random Little Legend Egg (Series 1-7)
  • 600 Tokens = Little Legend (Series 1-5)
  • 600 Tokens = Cosmic Companions Egg
  • 600 Tokens = Friend From Afar Egg
  • 2000 Tokens = Space Groove Lulu Prestige Edition + Icon
  • 2200 Tokens = Space Groove Prestige Points Icon + 100 Prestige Points 2020

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For more information on the event, check out the Space Groove Event Page.