League of Legends Patch 11.11 New Project Skins Review

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

League of Legends to debut new skins in patch 11. 11.

A new League of Legends patch is out and with it will be the return of the Project skin line. This will include seven new skins, to be released alongside a new event. Let’s check out the new skins.

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First is Project Mordekaiser. This legendary skin will cost 1820 RP. It will also have nine chromas. It’s nice to see Mordekaiser get a cosmetic that’s on the newer, more updated side. It’s also nice to see a new space set that isn’t just armor, or a medieval theme. If you play Mordekaiser this skin is worth the investment.

The second new Project skin belongs to Renekton and it will also be priced at 1820 RP with six chromas. The theme is cool and the orange-silver color scheme works well, but it’s still interesting to say the least. I also don’t play this champion so this isn’t a must-have for me. However, if you play Renekton, this may be a worthwhile purchase.

The third is Project Sejuani at 1350 RP with nine available chromas. The theme looks better than Hextech as far futuristic armor goes. It’s nice to see her get a more recent skin as well. The chroma collection features nine really sharp-looking options. This is a strong cosmetic pick-up for any Sejuani player and absolutely worth the RP.

The fourth is Senna at 1350 RP, this will also have nine chromas. It’s very cool that she’ll have a skin that matches up with her bot lane partner Lucian.  With only two others and a prestige option, I can see this one being very popular. Especially for those wanting something a bit cheaper than Hi-noon. This will probably be a favorite of the new Project collection alongside Sejuani.

The fifth skin coming out is for Sylas. This will also have a 1350 RP price tag and nine chroma choices. The darker color scheme makes him look very menacing. With only two other choices for cosmetics, this may be your best option for him. I would say it’s well worth the RP if you like this champion.

Sylas will also have a prestige edition skin for 2000 event tokens. It’ll be your standard gold-colored skin or chroma.

The final new Project skin is Varus. It will cost 1350 RP and have nine chromas as well. It’s pretty good-looking and has a theme Varus doesn’t have yet. However, I wouldn’t call this the best in his wardrobe. Coming on the heels of a very pretty Cosmic Hunter, this one may end up a bit underwhelming in sales. In a ranking of all his skins, this probably sits somewhere in the middle to top. Though if you’re looking to give Varus a new look it is worth the consideration.

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Overall I think this new batch of project skins is pretty good. There’s a choice for every role to have at least one new project skin. If you’re looking for a new skin to add to your League of Legends collection be sure to pick one up when they are released on May 27th, 2021.