3 Biggest Takeaways From Riot’s Mobility Address

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

On May 28 Riot Games put out a statement for fans regarding the current state of mobility to give a look into their mindset on where they want the game to progress. Champion mobility has been a game-breaking utility since Season 11 began. Players have voiced their concerns for a while with little to no response outside of item tweaks that have done nothing to ease their temperament. However, now Riot has officially addressed player’s concerns, and based on what was said it may mean that there’ll be big changes on the horizon.

Riot may have some big changes on the way for League of Legends.

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Riot Is Aware Of The Community’s Frustration

The mobility issue is one of the most controversial topics in League of Legends right now. For the majority of Season 11, just about every champion has benefitted from item movement speed increases and ability haste changes. But when combined with ridiculous item mechanics, insanely high damage output, and champion gap-closing abilities it was almost inevitable that the game would reach this point. However, if there’s any glimmer of hope to be taken away from this address it’s that Riot is fully aware of what players have been talking about since the early stages of Season 11. The fact that they’re actually speaking on it now might be an indication that the change summoners have been waiting for is on the way.

Mobility Will Be Riot’s First Step To Balance

The goal is always a balanced experience for players, but it’s important to understand that mobility is only a stepping stone and not the trail. When Riot points to Mobility that breaks class weaknesses and set game values it’s easy to point to the tear that Darius was on in the top lane before recent nerfs as an example. But even with a balanced movement speed, without nerfs to his cooldowns or the strength of his items, it’d be pointless. There’s still a very long way to go especially in regards to item balancing, but fixing the mobility problem is definitely a step in the right direction.

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If You Want To Be Mobile It’ll Come At A Cost

“Mobility Paired With Weaknesses” as Riot called it, it’s what we needed all of Season 11.  There has to be some kind of cost to be able to have unmatched escapability. Making players think about how and when they approach an enemy is how the game should be played. But when every character is able to disengage at a moment’s notice it eliminates not only the risk for the person engaging but also the reward for the person who outplays that overzealous attacker. If building mobility comes at the cost of less damage, defense, or higher cooldowns it’ll shift the way players approach the game.