LEC 2021: Will Treatz Sacrifice Be Enough To Change The Fortunes of SK Gaming

They say great players are willing to sacrifice for the sake of team success, on May 29 Erik “Treatz” Wessén made a move to the jungle that he’s hoping will propel SK Gaming to be real contenders in the LEC. Many were caught off guard by this announcement but Treatz took to Twitter to discuss his personal feelings on the matter.

Will Treatz Sacrifice Be Enough To Change The Fortunes of SK Gaming

It’s clear that Treatz feels like he’s getting the short end of the stick here, and it’s hard to disagree with him. In his tweet, he alludes to inner turmoil between the team both in and out of the game leading to TynX’s move to the bench. But, he makes it absolutely clear for both his fans and maybe even SK Gaming that this move is not permanent by any means.

Fans should commend Treatz for making the move to the jungle, he’s doing what he feels is necessary to win. This move can potentially come with major drawbacks, a drastic spiral to the bottom of the pack could cost him his spot. But even at that price, the reward of being at the top of the LEC is enough to take the risk. With that kind of attitude, SK should be patient in understanding that it’ll not only be a learning process for Treatz but the team as a whole. Now the team needs to restructure, work on their execution, and build up their player communication with only two weeks to the start of the summer split.

With Treatz moving out of the jungle we see the teams head coach Jesse “Jesiz” Le transition into his natural role as Support. Since coming on as their head coach SK Gaming has improved to a middle-of-the-pack team but they’ve yet to establish themselves amongst the elites of the LEC. But with his vast knowledge of the game and successful track record of uplifting teams as a coach, SK is hopeful that in a more hands-on role this will foster the results carry them into Worlds. Only time will tell if the role swaps were the right move.