How To Unlock Free Riven/Irelia In Wild Rift Broken Blades Event

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The new Broken Blades event is giving Wild Rift players a crack at unlocking two of its newest additions for absolutely no cost at all. The addition of these characters comes as no surprise at all since this isn’t the first event that’s come to League mobile. But,  it’s best to take advantage and reap the benefits while it’s here before you miss out and have to pay for these champions.

Celebrate Broken Blades with a brand new Irelia or Riven.

The Broken Blades event is slated to go live with the release of Patch 2.3 for Wild Rift.

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If this event is anything like the previous Masters of the Hunt event which gave players a chance at Kha’zix and Rengar then there will be around six missions to complete in order to unlock one of the characters. Unfortunately, no information has been released on the missions that will be included in the event. With the character roles most likely being tied to the challenges, players should expect to be doing a lot of work in the solo lanes for their rewards.

It’s important to note that players will only be receiving one of these characters for free. Which one depends on the path chosen for the event. On the way to either Irelia or Riven, there’ll be items and poses to earn but these will also vary based on the path taken. However, no matter which one you decide on pursuing you’ll still be able to unlock both of these characters. The champion you don’t choose will be available for purchase in-store or unlock using a champion selection chest.

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Whichever character you decide to pick up it’ll be a worthwhile selection. Jump into the action on Jun 1 and get started on the missions for the Broken Blades event.