League of Legends: 3 Champions Overdue For A Rework

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For a while now, players have watched Riot rework a slew of champions in their attempt to bring some of the older roster up to speed with the current state of the game. In the upcoming patch 11.12, we’ll be seeing Dr.Mundo receive some highly anticipated changes to his appearance and kit. If you didn’t know, Riot has already spoken on their intentions to give Udyr an upgrade, but they’ve got a long way to go to get their older champions up to speed.

Which of these lemons will get a rework first?


Since his addition to the game, we’ve seen some of the most epic plays come from Azir players in the mid-lane, if only we could say the same about ranked. The fact is that even when he’s in meta Azir doesn’t dominate the pick pool and that’s because the learning curve for this champion is incredibly steep. For those willing to dredge through the mud to become a polished mid-lane terror with this champion more power to you. But as it stands there are more user-friendly picks that will provide players with just as easily rack up the kills even when this champion is viable. But as it stands now in Season 11 there’s no want or reason to ever select Azir and that’ll remain the same until Riot gives this champion a rework.

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If we’re keeping it real, Jax is just a really boring champion to play. The formula is simple: pounce on your enemy, hope the stun lands, and auto them to death. If I’m lying well you might’ve never played Jax. It’s really a travesty because there are moments where he’s a really solid pick and some of his cosmetics are actually really cool. But by selecting him you’ll without a doubt be sacrificing fun for wins, if “ol’ reliable” was a champion it would be Jax.


It wouldn’t be right if everyone’s favorite Yordle wasn’t on the list. If Teemo received a rework that made him a viable pick it’d be hard to find a game where he wasn’t selected.  There was a big uproar back in 2019 when Riot first announced that they’d be reworking this champion but those talks went cold and ever since there hasn’t been anything new on plans for him. A Teemo rework would set the community on fire and will hopefully happen before the end of the year.

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