Does TSM’s Partnership With FTX Predict The Future of Esports?

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On Jun 4 TSM shocked the world with their huge announcement about a new brand partnership with FTX that inks the largest deal in Esports history. It won’t be too long till we see a much larger audience funnel into the community especially with the genre making its first appearance in the Olympics this year. But who needs the Olympics when you can make one of your own?

Bye-bye TSM. Hello TSM FTX

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The TSM FTX deal nets the team a super purse of $210 Million. While smaller sponsorship deals have already taken place similar to some of the most famous team sports like basketball and fútbol there’s never been anything done on this scale in Esports. If other brands follow suit and hand out more of these kinds of deals it’s quite possible that League of Legends will be able to build up a platform that rivals some of the biggest competitive team sports in the world.

We’ve already seen League get its time on ESPN but what if it was regularly scheduled programming similar to Sunday Night Football. They’ll need the capital to make it happen and this is a start.

However, like Biggie said Mo’ money Mo’ problems, with all of that big-time financial backing some companies may look to gain more control than FTX. TSM signed a 10-year deal for the rights to their name and in the promo for the deal made it clear to establish trust by pointing out that FTX was also run by “gamers.”

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But it’s a fair assumption that moving forward not everyone will be as emotionally invested in competitive gaming. Today it’s a name change, tomorrow it could be a seat at the table regarding executive team decisions. I’m not calling into question the integrity of the sport but this deal has quite possibly shifted the scope of Esports for generations to come, only time will tell if it’s for better or worse.