League of Legends: Dr. Mundo Theme Sets The Tone

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

With the new Dr. Mundo fresh off of its release, the music team over at Riot unveiled a horrifying theme that plunges players straight to the madman’s fiendish operating room.

Take a trip through the mind of Mundo.

The Madman of Zaun has the appearance of a grotesque purple monster. Those unfamiliar with the game would compare him somewhat to Frankenstein. These old-world Transylvanian themes are felt all over this piece from start to finish. The music creates a dark and eerie atmosphere fitting for this champion.

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As a former patient at the Osweld Asylum, Mundo was tortured and now has his current appearance as a result. The screechy high-pitched strings help amplify that unsettling feeling that one would imagine runs through the mind of someone as demented as this champion. The percussion used is reminiscent of an old ticking clock. As the seconds pass by we hear the ticks until everything culminates into a big cinematic mix of deep cellos, squeaky violins, and airy drums.

The composition’s progression is all over the place, painting another parallel to Mundo’s mind. It’s a constant series of ups and downs with every sequence being slightly creepier than the next. As a listener, you’re never given a second to rest because at any moment there could be another change. If asked to describe this composition one of the main words that would pop up is unpredictable.

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The intricacy of the piece would imply that Riot’s doing a lot for the rollout of the Mundo VGU. With Riot’s giving this champion so much attention, it’s hard not to believe that they don’t have extremely high hopes for the success of this champion. But only time will tell if players receive Mundo as the team expected. But until then the new Mundo VGU is live right now so go check him out in-game.