League of Legends: Outlook Of The Game After Mobility Change

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

On Jun 7 Riot gave us a first look at the extensive changes they’ll be implementing with the upcoming mobility fix. The item changes come with a ton of movement speed reductions and a few active skill modifications that’ll completely shift the way the game is played.

The long-awaited mobility patch is almost here.

Moving forward there will be a much more calculated game to be played. Every time a player or team chooses to engage it’ll be a full commitment to a fight. One of the benefits of incredibly high mobility was being able to have a foot in and out of teamfights. But unless you’re able to outplay your opponent it’ll mean death on either side.

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If we’re talking gap closers, one of the most striking changes will be the Stridebreaker nerf that’ll completely change everything about the item. Halting slash no longer dashing is huge, combine this with the decreased movement speed all around and you turn one of the most sought-after mythic items into a situational pick.

Top laners are taking a really big hit, but it’s absolutely justified. Champions like Sett, who already overwhelm players with incredible damage and gap closing abilities will still be strong but the playing field will be a little more even.

When observing some of these new item changes it’s clear that Riot is making a push towards trading out mobility for damage. Trinity Force, Cosmic Drive, and Lich Bane will all be receiving damage buffs at the cost of some movement speed. Doubling down on damage isn’t a bad thing, especially if players will need to efficiently work their opponents in lane to gain the upper hand.

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The mobility nerfs are the first step that Riot is taking towards balancing the game. Halfway through Season 11, these changes will surely help establish a new meta on both the casual and pro levels.