League of Legends LCS Power Ranking Week 2 2021 Summer Split

Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games.
Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games. /

Which League of Legends teams are the best in the LCS? Who rates as the most powerful after two weeks of LCS action?

The LCS is up and running for the Summer Split.  Through two weeks each team has played six games. So which team is the best in the LCS after those two weeks? Let’s dive in with a power ranking list.

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10. CLG

CLG leads off this list as the worst the LCS has to offer. They’re at the bottom of the summer standings at 1-5. They did beat the Golden Guardians and are ahead of them in the overall standings, yet they still have the second-longest losing streak in the LCS at the moment at two games. CLG isn’t a lock to finish this low, but unless they get something going it could be a long summer.

9. Golden Guardians

They don’t have the worst summer split record yet, but they do sit at the bottom of the LCS standings at 5-19.  They’re 2-4 so far this split, which includes a win over Cloud9 giving them a slight edge over CLG. Though they could move up the power rankings board with a win this weekend over Evil Geniuses.

8.Evil Geniuses 

This is the team that has fallen the farthest this summer.  So while they sport a 12-12 overall record, its their 2-4 summer record that has them sitting in eighth place in the power rankings.


Flyquest is the first of four 3-3 teams to make this list. Of those 3-3 teams they hold the worst overall record at 9-15. They also didn’t look good this week, first giving up a perfect game to Cloud9 and losing to Golden Guardians.


Ah Immortals, probably the hardest team to place on this list. It was a back and forth on weighing their overall record, current record, or current losing streak the most in their placement.  They were the only team to go 0-3 in week two and have the longest losing skid in the LCS currently. They did go undefeated in week one though which gives them a 3-3 Summer record. They also have a better overall record than Flquest, GLC and Golden Guardians getting them the nod for the sixth slot in our power rankings this week.

5.Team Dignitas

Dignitas is 3-3 , which is probably where they should be after a schedule that included Cloud9, Team Liquid and 100 Thieves. I feel like this team is meeting expectations and playing fine against the lower half of the LCS, but when they get their chance to punch up, they whiff. Hopefully they can change that this weekend against TSM FTX. A win there would help move them closer in the  overall standings, where they sit just two games out of second/third. They also sit just a game behind TSM and Cloud9 in the Summer standings. They have a chance to make some noise this week if they remember to turn up the volume.

4. Team Liquid

Liquid isn’t off to the best start at 3-3 including losses to both Cloud9 and TSM. But they do have a win over Dignitas and that’s why they sit above the heap of .500 teams Liquid is also just a game behind 100 Thieves and TSM in the overall standings. They do battle with 100 Thieves this weekend in what could be an important game for playoff seeding implications. So while they may be getting punched around a bit, Liquid is still strong enough to punch back.


TSM is a solid choice for the number three ranked team. They are tied for second in overall record and Summer Split record. They do have a head to head loss to 100 Thieves, which has them dropping a little bit in the rankings. Their upcoming head-to-head with Cloud9 could move them up a bit in the standings, though becuase of Cloud9’s recent play and overall record TSM drops into the third spot in the LCS power rankings.

2. Cloud9

Cloud9 sits atop the overall standings at 17-7, but right now they’re tied for second with  4-2 Summer Split record.  However, they have caught fire aquiring four wins in a row, including a perfect game performence against Flyquest. So even if they did lose to100 Thieves and Golden Guardians they still maintain a high slot in the power rankings.

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1.100 Thieves

100 Thieves own the best summer record so far at 5-1, which includes wins over Cloud9, who is ahead of them in overall standings and TSM, who they are tied with in overall standings. They started out the summer with a loss to Immortals, before their current five game winning streak, an LCS best mark right now.  100 Thieves are stealing the top spot thanks to a combination of strong play currently and a solid overall record.