League of Legends: Champions You Should Be Playing To Climb Ranked

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Want to climb in ranked? Try out these champions.

If you’re stuck in ELO hell like a lot of players, here are some champions that will help you climb up the ladder in ranked. If you haven’t gotten acquainted with these picks then it’d be wise to before patch 11.13 where we’ll see the mobility nerf implemented which may drastically change the landscape of the game.

Top Lane – Gwen

Right now, if you’re looking for big damage out of the top lane look no further than the Hallowed Seamstress. This champion is absolutely busted, her Hallowed Mist makes it easy for her to bully opposing matchups in the early game. Snip Snip has insane range and that tacked on true damage makes her a major threat to obliterate enemy health bars if they’re not careful. Aggression and dominance are the calling cards for Gwen make sure you take advantage of just how powerful she is right now before she gets patched.

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Jungle – Hecarim 

Hecarim is an absolute monster in the jungle role. After players acquire their Trinity Force spike it’s all green pastures from there on out. Since we’re still pre-mobility change, Hecarim is one of your best bets since he deals out tons of damage thanks to his Warpath passive that adds a percentage of AD to his bonus movement speed. 11.13 might shift the landscape of the role so you should be capitalizing off the strength of this champion right now while you can.

Mid Lane – Annie

Annie seems like the perfect combination of utility and ease. As a pick-up and play champion, there are few champions as “user friendly” as her. Your biggest concerns with her will be managing your stun and executing plays with Tibers. If you can effectively do these two tasks you’ll be an extremely powerful asset to any team composition with your outrageous damage burst potential.

ADC – Samira

If you’re lucky enough to see this champion make it out o the ban phase you absolutely need to pick her up. She has one of the best wave clears amongst the champions in her role with her Flair and huge counterplay ability with her Blade Whirl’s ability to destroy enemy projectiles. She isn’t the easiest champion to play but you’ll see a big payoff once you get a hang of how to use her effectively

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Support – Brand

Brand is hands down one of the best supports in the game right now. His Ablaze passive keeps enemies on their toes early. If your matchup doesn’t effectively avoid skill shots you’ll just chip at their life bar setting up an easy kill for your ADC. Since his W and E are both AoE abilities that places even more pressure on the enemy. Even in a support role Brand can be an aggressor in the bot lane providing a real nuisance for matchups.