League of Legends: New Ruined Pantheon and Sentinel Skins

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On Jun 22 League of Legends announced the next set of skins that’ll make their way into the game with the upcoming patch 11.14. Summoners can look forward to the new Ruined Pantheon skin along with Sentinel skins for Diana, Irelia, Olaf, Riven, and Vayne. This is all in anticipation of what many believe will be the next big event called “The Sentinels of Light.”

The Sentinels of Light storm onto the rift.

Ruined Pantheon

The Ruined Pantheon skin is a great addition to his skin sets. From what they’ve shown there’ll also be a chroma that’ll be the polar opposite of the original skin. The skin features Pantheon in an armor set that’s reminiscent of The Ruined King. As a cosmetic, this is definitely one of the better skins for this champion but it’s not beating out his Dragonslayer or Pulsefire skins in the animation department. It’s a solid pickup for those that enjoy Pantheon and are looking for a new look.

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Sentinel Skins

So each of the Sentinel skins features some pretty cool cosmetic enhancements to their respective champions. All of the champions gain this faint white aura around them, it’s almost angelic. From an animation standpoint, all of their attacks or weapons glow with a more intense white aura that in some cases explodes on hit. These skins are sure to be a hit once they reach the market.

The ones that stood out the most would have to be Sentinel Olaf and Vayne. Olaf glows an intense light aura during his Ragnarok (R) that looks absolutely insane. The glow of his axe blades while Vicious Strikes (W) is active is one of the coolest attributes to the skin. Vayne’s skin just looks beautiful. Her bright white cloak flows in the wind, and whenever she uses Tumble (Q) there’s a stream of light that’s left behind.

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Riot’s been on a roll with skins lately, lets hope that the good fortune continues. The Sentinel set and Ruined Pantheon will be available when 11.14 goes live on the PBE.