LCS 2021: Cloud 9 Zven Returns To Main Roster

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After a rough start to the 2021 LCS summer split Cloud 9 has made the decision to reenlist Zven to their pro roster. Coming off the tails of an 0-3 losing skid this week the team hopes that their former star ADC will help bring them back to the top of the standings.

LCS beware Cloud 9 Zven is back!

Jesper ‘Zven’ Svenningsen was surprisingly sent to the C9 Academy team following a dominating Spring Split which ultimately culminated with a Rumble Stage exit in MSI 2021. Many were confused with the team owner’s decision to bench Zven. It didn’t seem like a bad decision at the time since Calvin ‘K1ng’ Truong was perceived as one of the best ADCs that NA had to offer. But, ultimately what seemed like an upgrade turned out to be a failed experiment.

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Will Zvens return to the team be enough to help the team recover back to the place of their former glory? Honestly, only time will tell. Cloud 9 currently holds the number three spot in the overall standings, so despite their horrible play so far it hasn’t completely knocked them out of the picture.

Thankfully the team decided to make the change early rather than let this losing streak run its course. But whatever chemistry they might’ve had last split may be completely lost. We’re only now seeing TSM FTX begin to separate themselves from the pack and they’ve played together for over half a year now.

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Glad to have you back Zven. The real test will be to see just how easily he can reingratiate himself into the fold. Their next matchup will be against the bottom-ranked Golden Guardians which shouldn’t be too difficult for them to pick up a win. But a poor performance could be a sign that the juggernaut that we saw during the spring split is completely gone.