League of Legends: Irelia Changes For Patch 11.14 Go Live On PBE

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Recently, Irelia has been a big topic of discussion amongst the LoL community. Her kit spikes extremely hard in the early game right now and as a result, Riot is releasing a nerf in patch 11.14 on the PBE that will ultimately change the way she’s played.

Irelia nerf coming in hot in patch 11.14!

Right now Irelia is one of the most banned champions at high ELO because of her snowball potential. If you let an Irelia get an early game lead she will absolutely steamroll your team. The only thing is that her kit falls off hard late-game once the rival team can catch up with items.

This new patch turns Irelia into more of a mid-game spike champion with her (W) damage surging later on in-game. You still won’t want to allow Irelia’s to snowball against you but it’ll be a much more of an even matchup in the early game. By much more even I mean it won’t be even at all.

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It’s possible that Riot went a little bit overboard with the nerf to her early game kit. The nerfs to her health and magic resistance will foster a more reserved playstyle during the laning phase of the game. But with her dash speed of her (Q) taking a big hit that pressure she once had will instantly be wiped out. Her harass takes a dive if she can’t deal her damage and get out quickly.

Although she wasn’t picked often before due to bans it’s possible that Riot has made Irelia unplayable for the foreseeable future. However, nothing on the PBE is final so maybe there’ll be a healthy middle ground that gets reached before patch 11.14 goes live.

Irelia 11.14 PBE Notes

Base stats
Health: 580 >>> 520
Magic resist: 32 >>> 28
HP per level: 95 >>> 110

Ionian Ferver (Passive)
Max Passive Stacks: 5 >>> 4
Attack Speed per stack: 8/12/16% based on level >>> 7.5/13.75/20% based on level
Damage: 15-66 (+25% bonus AD) >>> 10-61 (30% bonus AD)

Bladesurge (Q)
Dash Speed: Movement Speed + 1500 >>> Significantly reduced
Minion damage: 55/75/95/115/135 >>> 55+12 /lvl

Defiant Dance (W)
DR: 50% (+7%/100 AP) Physical >>> 40-80% Physical and 20-40% Magic DR levels 1-18 (AP Ratio preserved)
Max Damage: 20/50/80/110/140 (+100% AD) (+80% AP) >>> 30/95/160/225/290 (+150% AD) (+120% AP)

Flawless Duet (E)
Missile Travel Time: Based on distance >>> 0.25s
Cannot be cast or recast during Q
Cannot be recast while CC’d

Vanguard’s Edge (R)
[NEW PASSIVE] Decrease Q cooldown by 0.5/1.5/2.5s before Haste

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