2021 LCS Summer Split Power Rankings Week Four

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What teams are the best in the LCS? Let’s look at our updated power rankings for the week.

LCS now has four weeks of the summer split completed, which is just under half of the spilt. So at this near midway point of the spilt let’s check on the teams rising and falling in our next edition of LCS power rankings.

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10. Flyquest

This is the obvious choice for the tenth spot. Flyquest is now on a seven-game losing streak, and have a league worst 3-9 record this spilt. They are still tied for the eighth/ninth spot in the overall rankings, but they did lose to overall last place team Golden Guardians this week. It’s a tough time to be a Flyquest fan as they end the second week in a row in the last place spot in the LCS power rankings.

9. CLG

CLG is 4-8 this summer. However week four wasn’t kind to them, they went 0-3.  As a result of they fall three spots from last weeks power rankings from sixth to ninth.

8. Golden Guardians 

Golden Guardians stay ranked eighth after a 1-2 weekend. They’re two games behind Flyquest and CLG in overall standings, but are heading into week five with a win after taking down Flyquest.

7. Dignitas

Dignitas is able to climb from ninth to seventh this week. Despite only picking up a single win, they are still a .500 overall team which is why they rank ahead of CLG and Golden Guardians among the 4-8 teams this summer.

6. Cloud9

This week was the return of Zven, Cloud9 went 2-1. However they are still only 6-6 this summer. They also failed to defeat 100 Thieves again. If Cloud9 wants to regain their top spot they need to beat the top teams, so for now they sit in the middle of the pack like their split record. This is a one spot improvement than last week though.

5. Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses is also 6-6 after a 2-1 week four.  Their 2-1 included some quality wins against TSM and Dignitas, a greater challenge than Cloud9’s  Golden Guardians and CLG. That’s why they retain their spot in the power rankings for a second consecutive week.

4. Immortals

Immortals is 7-4 after a 2-1 week four. They did beat Golden Guardians and CLG as they should have, but lost to 100 Thieves.  They  are only 14-16 overall, but their play during the summer split has been solid. Through if they can’t beat the top teams they won’t be able climb any further up the rankings than fourth.

3. Team Liquid

For all the roster turnover this team at 7-5 isn’t looking too bad, their 19-11 overall record isn’t shabby either. It is tied for third/fourth with Cloud9, but Liquid is the better team by summer split record so far. They did lose to TSM this week, but it doesn’t really drop them in the standings too much.

2. TSM

TSM is looking good at 21-9 and 9-3 during the summer split. Though they do drop from the top spot in last weeks power rankings after a 2-1 weekend because of their lone loss putting them behind 100 Thieves in summer split record. Though the case can still be mamade that TSM is the best team in the LCS this week.

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1. 100 Thieves

100 Thieves went 2-1 last week, not 3-0 as I stated. But they do now have a five game winning streak and are the best team this summer at 10-2.  They also are 21-9 and have the top record overall as well naking 100 Thieves the best team in the LCS power rankings for the second time in three power ranking lists.