League of Legends: New Skins Patch 11.15

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The patch 11.15 PBE cycle for League of Legends includes new skins.

We have a new PBE cycle for patch 11.15 and with it some brand new League of Legends skins. the ruined and sentinel lines will see new additions in this upcoming patch. Let’s check out the five new skins coming out next patch.

First up is Ruined Miss Fortune. The skin is a bit darker thematically than usual for Miss Fortune, but it’s nice to see.  It looks fine, not the worst offering as far as skins go for her, but not the best. I guess it pretty much looks average for the ruined skin line which isn’t one of my favorite.

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The next skin is unbound Thresh. This skin makes no sense, it’s just way too close to the base skin just with a different head. Like who at Riot thought this was needed? I would say to avoid this one even if you need it to complete your Thresh skin collection. There are just so many better options for champions in League of Legends that need skins and fit this theme that makes this a total waste.

Next, we have Sentinel Graves. I like the splash art it looks really cool and graves looks good with a gold color scheme.  Though to me, it seems a bit close to his victorious skin. Now if you don’t have that skin yet I think it will be a good pick up for your League of Legends skin collection. If you already have it I think it’s probably going to be a similar experience to playing with that one. I would call this one of his better skins though and still worth it if you’re looking to add a skin to Graves.

Next, we have Sentinel Pyke. I’m not entirely sure why he’s in this theme, but let’s roll with it. It doesn’t look too bad and it’s different than Project, or Psyops. I don’t think it’s his best skin, but it isn’t his worst one either.

Then finally we have Sentinel Rengar. The skin looks pretty good and is a modern skin for the champion, who doesn’t have the most to choose from. However, it does look a bit too close to Guardian of The Sands for my liking. I think if you don’t have that, get this one as it does look a bit nicer, but I don’t see the need to have both in your League of Legends skin collection.

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Overall I would give the new skins probably a C. I feel like the champions they chose miss the mark and the Thresh skin maybe one of the worst ever in the game. But the sentinel skins do look good at least from the art. I can’t wait to give an updated grade when I see the abilities and chromas for these skin sets.