League of Legends: Akshan Reveal Trailer Reaction

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League of Legends newest champion Akshan is coming soon.

Riot Games has announced that the newest champion in League of Legends will be the Rogue Sentinel Akshan. They put a lot into the rollout of the Sentinels of Light event which is set to start on July 8, so it makes sense that it’d all culminate with the introduction of a new champion based on the theme.

“Here we go. Get in, avenge fallen ally, get out.” His voice line perfectly reflects the playstyle shown in the trailer. The biggest tool in his kit will without a doubt be his grappling hook, it’s both a gap closer and an escape tool that’ll come in extremely handy.

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Based on his trailer it’s clear that Akshan is the newest marksman on the roster. The coolest and probably most interesting ability will be his cloaking move. For a moment of time, he’ll be able to turn invisible and during the time period he’ll gain movement speed and mana regen while he follows the trail left by his foes. His roam is going to be an absolute nightmare, if he ends up being a big damage threat enemy teams will absolutely need to know where he is at all times.

But like most marksmen in the game, Akshan won’t be of any value to the team if players can’t hit their skill shots. The boomerang ability that looked like a short-range Sivir Q will likely be one of the most important moves in his kit especially since it’s his only damage-dealing move in the reveal outside of the ultimate. With the right items I could see a move like that chunking down enemy health bars when it connects.

His ultimate is going to be interesting. So far it looks like it’ll be a guaranteed hit as long as he fully locks on. But like others with lock-on abilities like Caitlyn, it’s possible that players could avoid this through the terrain.

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Akshan is a welcomed addition to the League of Legends roster. Players can expect to get their hands on Akshan when patch 11.15 goes live on July 21.