League of Legends: Three Best Roles For New Champion Akshan

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Where will Riot’s new champion Akshan fit in the current meta?

We’re only a few weeks away from the release of Akshan in the next patch, so let’s take a moment to speculate what roles will suit Riot’s new marksman the best. It’s clear from his move set that this champion is a marksman and as such will likely be a big damage threat, sorry support mains. But his utility may help him in multiple roles where he could end up a really viable flex pick depending on the team’s need.

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AD Carry

This one was pretty straightforward, just like every other marksman in the game it’d make sense that many would try Akshan in the bottom lane. His play will be heavily centered around his passive which can allow him to deal bonus physical damage similar to Gnar or Vayne’s W.

His Heroic Swing (E) is a great initiation tool and will help him secure kills on enemies that are trying to get away. This will work great in the early game but its application in the mid to late game will be interesting since as a carry you don’t ever want to put yourself in a position to be caught out by the enemy team. Players can cancel out mid-swing but its effectiveness is something we’ll have to wait and see.


This may come as a surprise to some but Akshan may perform extremely well in the jungle thanks to his W. When enemies turn into ‘Scoundrels’ the vision granted by the enemy trail is invaluable, you’ll get enemy location info while Akshan piles mana hunting down enemies. The added gold on takedowns will keep Akshan ganking and added with the fact that enemies won’t be able to see him it’ll keep enemies cautious in the early and mid-game.

In the jungle, his Heroic Swing will be a great ganking tool. Until the move is on cooldown he’ll be able to cut off enemies from escaping by trapping them in between him and his teammates. There isn’t any way so far to stop him mid-swing so it’ll be a guessing game for enemies to escape your attack.

Mid Lane 

Might be a shot in the dark but Akshan may be able to hold his own against some of the mages in the mid lane. His passive ability grants him a shield that may help him stand up against fighters and being a marksman will keep him distanced from assassins. He’ll be able to keep up constant pressure throughout the early game.

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Akshan is a welcomed addition to the League of Legends roster. Upon release, he’ll be the subject of many experimental builds and role choices, but these are the three best roles for the champion based off of what we’ve seen so far.