2021 LCS Summer Split Week Six Power Rankings

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Where does each LCS team fall in our weekly power rankings?

We have the power rankings for week six of the LCS. Who was able to climb and who dropped in the rankings this week?

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10. CLG

There’s a new bottom feeder this week, CLG. Despite a strong upset win over TSM on Friday, CLG is the worst team in the LCS. They have the worst record at 5-13 for the summer and now are tied with Golden Guardians for the worst overall record in the LCS. They’ve dropped one spot since our last ranking.


I guess 10 losses in a row was enough for this team. Despite roster turnover for this week, Flyquest was able to rise to ninth in our LCS power ranking. This came on the back of a 3-0 week, with wins over Cloud9, CLG, and Immortals. They are still in better shape than two other teams in overall record, but their summer record would leave them outside of the playoffs at the moment.  Though maybe a 3-0 week was what Flyquest needed to spark a run towards playoffs and maybe even Worlds.

8.Golden Guardians

Looks like they are getting pretty comfortable in this spot, once again they rank eighth in the LCS power rankings.  Golden Guardians went 2-1 with wins over Liquid and 100 Thieves. They are improving with seven wins being more than they had in the spring and we still have three weeks of games to go.  Maybe the acquisition of Eric “Licorice” Ritchie will help them avoid last place in the overall standings as well.

7. Immortals

Immortals had a bad week six going 0-3, which now gives them the longest losing streak in the LCS. They still have a better record this summer than four teams however, their overall record isn’t doing them any favors. Though it is still better than the bottom three teams on this list, so seventh feels like fair spot for this team.


Dignitas is another team coasting to a higher spot based on their overall record. A 7-11 summer record, isn’t good, but 18-18 overall is still solid and the sixth-best in the LCS. While Dignitas does trail Immortals in the summer standings, they did pick up a win this week, while Immortals failed to do so. This gives Dignitas the sixth spot, jumping them up one place from last week’s rankings.

5. Cloud9

Could this be 2020 all over again? Cloud9 winning Spring Split in dominating fashion only to falter and miss worlds? Well, now we have a 9-9 team after a 1-2 week.  Their overall record of 22-14 is now tied with two other teams for third-best in the LCS. Cloud9 could be in danger of missing worlds again if they don’t shape up.  They drop a spot in this week’s power rankings.

4. Team Liquid

Liquid went 2-1 this week, making their record 10-8 this summer. They are however tied with Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses for the third spot in the overall standings. Through they did move up a spot in the power ranks this week.

3.Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses is now the new team to beat. An eight-game winning streak has them rising in the LCS standings in meteoric fashion. Most recently they can add big wins over 100 Thieves and Cloud9 to that streak. Their schedule in week seven is pretty easy as well so they could be riding a double-digit win streak into a week eight match with TSM, who is ahead of them in the standings. Though they are tied with Team  Liquid and Cloud9 overall, they are playing the best of the three teams in that cluster at the moment.

2. TSM

TSM’s week six was a bit rocky exiting the weekend 1-2 with a loss to 100 Thieves. Though they are tied with Evil Geniuses for the second-best summer record. They do hold a two-game lead in the overall standings over three teams and are only a game behind 100 Thieves. That’s why they stick around at number two this week in the power rankings.

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1.100 Thieves

Even with a 1-2 record they still remain at the top. Though their eight-game win streak was snapped this week, they did beat TSM to give them a game up in the overall standings. They also lead TSM by two games in the summer standings proving their dominance.  100 Thieves is still an incredibly tough team to beat and absolutely worthy of holding the number one spot this week.