League of Legends Newly Announced Coven Skins

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

New League of Legends skins announced from popular line.

League of Legends announced on Jul 20 that some brand new skins are on the way for the 11.16 PBE cycle. Players are getting seven new skins and a splash art for a new Hextech skin. The coven line of skins is making its return to the game and there will also be a prestige edition skin in the update

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This theme is really well done, especially the Zyra and Morgana. I can’t wait to see these when they are actually released. Here is the breakdown of my initial thoughts on the new skin add-ons.

The first skin is Ashe, this might not be my first choice theme-wise. Yet I really do like it. The darker color schemes fit her well and this skin is no exception. I could see this being one of her more popular skins.

Next up is a skin for Cassiopeia. Now that is a menacing gaze, don’t look into her eyes, or you may end up cursed. Though the darker color scheme is very impressive here too. It’s another great add-on to Cassiopeia’s collection of available skins.

Then we have Ahri. I feel like this was a skin highly in demand and Riot delivered.  It’s a good one too, even with Ahri having a bunch of skins to choose from it’s one of her better ones.

Then we have one for Evelynn. This one has the more black and red color scheme of Morgana and it looks so pretty.  This might be her best skin yet. I would absolutely recommend this one for any Evelynn player.

Then we have a new skin for Malphite. Though to me this looks more like Thousand-pierced Volibear, or a darker Elderwood line than Coven. It’s good to have a modern skin for him though, so it’s not the worst Malphite choice.

Then we have Warwick. He falls under the same umbrella as Malphite, a more Thousand-pierced and less Coven feel.  I’d also say it’s probably the worst of the new Coven skins. I just don’t like it, it looks like a disheveled purple werewolf, boring, pass.

Then we have a prestige for Coven Leblanc. Looks like pretty much the standard fare for League of Legends prestige skins.

We also have splash art for a Hextech Tristana.  It looks ok, but most Hextech skins miss the mark, so this isn’t likely to be must-have either.

Next. 11.15 new skins. dark

Overall I’d say the Coven skins look great. I think they will sell well and keep the line popular.