League of Legends: Everything We Know About Riot’s New Champion Vex

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We may be expecting Riot’s new “gloomy yordle” Vex on the champion roster sooner rather than later.

The Ruination Event has brought us a couple great gifts so far and players can look forward to Riot’s new champion Vex as another present under the tree. Not much talk has surrounded the newest Yordle in the League of Legends roster as of late but without any official word of her being scrapped, it’s very likely that she’ll be released sometime during this event. So, to feed the anticipation let’s go through everything that we already know about Vex.

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Starting with when she was first announced, Riot wasted no time teasing her in a developer update back in Jan where they spoke on the new champions they were working on for 2021. Oddly enough, it was stated that we’d be receiving Vex before their new marksman champion (Akshan). However, we got some bad news in April from Riot’s champion roadmap that she had been pushed back and there hasn’t been any word since.

Vex will be a mid-lane mage. To be specific Riot described her as a classic mage, this is a pivot off of their original idea of making her an artillery mage similar to Ziggs or Xerath. Where she goes doom and gloom will follow, based on their descriptions it seems like her kit will suffocate enemies through anti-action moves. She’ll likely have restrictive abilities like stuns, slows, or sleep effects as a part of her kit possibly allowing her to flex between the mid and support roles.

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In the Sentinels of Light storyline, Vex is seen as one of the main villains constantly getting in the way of the Sentinels. She holds command over her shadow which will likely be the main part of her kit when the champion makes it onto the Rift. There hasn’t been a release date given for her yet and there hasn’t been any confirmation that she’ll be the next addition to the roster. But with all that we know so far it’s clear that Riot doesn’t intend to disappoint when they finally give the word that Vex is on the horizon.