League of Legends: Patch 11.16 Full Notes and Reaction

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Our thoughts and reactions from the League of Legends patch 11.16 notes.

Only a few days removed from the patch preview Riot Jag released the full notes for League of Legends patch 11.16. A lot of players aren’t too pleased with the changes slated to come in the next update, not only did Riot revert some of the changes they did earlier in season 11 but some of the buffs were borderline unneccessary. It’s unclear which direction Riot wants to take the meta but hopefully, this next patch doesn’t leave a bad taste in our mouths while we wait for 11.17.

Patch 11.16 Preview

System Nerfs

Dark Seal

AP Per Stack: 5 to 4; Stacks lost on death: 4 to 5

System Buffs

Fleet Footwork

Pushed back a patch


Heal: 180-360 to 200-400; Cooldown: 120s to 90s



P Monster Damage: 300 to 250%


E Cooldown: 11-5 to 11-7

Lee Sin

W Omnivamp 10-30% to 5-25%


W Cooldown: 15-11 to 16-12; R Cooldown 110-80 to 120-80

Tahm Kench

Passive Damage: 12-60 to 8-60; Q Healing: 15-35 to 10-30

Xin Zhao

Base AD: 66 to 63


Mana: 420 to 480 (11.14 Revert); E Damage per Mine: 40-180 to 30-190; Slow: 30-50% to 10-50%


Jarvan IV

Passive Current HP Damage: 8% to 10%; R Bonus AD Ratio: 150% to 180%


W Damage: 50-190% to 60-200%; R Min Damage AD Ratio: 20% to 25%


P Heal: 5-13% to 7-15%; E Damage: 25-125 to 20-120%; E AP Ratio: 0.8% Per 100 AP to 0.7%


MS: 340 to 345; E Total Damage: 54% AP to 90% AP


Bug Fixes, and Reverting Q showing in Fog of War from 11.15


W AD Ratio: 30-70% 30-90%


P Each point of AP grants: 1.4 to 1.6 HP; Grant 1 additional AP per: 40 to 30 bonus HP

Champion Adjustment


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Patch 11.16 Notes Reaction

From the preview, it initially looked like Riot was going to severely disrupt the meta with this patch. Some of the strongest champions in the game were among the list of nerfs set to come but most of their changes were insignificant if not possibly buffs. Let’s take Ziggs for example, they decreased his damage in the early game but he scales into more damage later on. With more mana he’ll still be as much of a nuisance as before and an even bigger threat in the late game, not really sure what the point of his changes was but balance comes in trial and error.

Maokai’s viability is at stake here, a decrease to his AP ratio and E damage may be the thing that phases him out of the pick pool. Right now top lane Maokai is okay, but where he’s best suited is in the support role poking enemies with his E. So while he’s listed in the buffs category this might spell bad fortunes for Maokai in the future.

The Shaco nerf set him back a tiny bit but overall he was still a great champion that was frequently the target of team bans (approx. 30% ban rate) even if his win rate dropped below 50%. Reverting the change from patch 11.14 doesn’t really make sense, what is there to accomplish by making him busted again? If he’s still being banned out he’ll likely never get played moving forward.

Speaking of changes in 11.14 one change that didn’t happen was the Mundo jungle change, which oddly enough was supposed to come in this patch. Unfortunately, that was either forgotten, pushed back again, or won’t be heard of again. Sadly that might spell bad fortune for the Fleet Footwork change but we’ll see in 11.17 if that’s true.

dark. Next. 11.16 Coven Skins Announced

Overall this patch had a lot of changes that were just… ehhh. In our preview reaction, we stated that Riot could possibly be attempting to open up the pick pool and maybe that’s just what it is. The nerfs weren’t too hot or cold but they could be just right for players to look at more champions during selections.

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