League of Legends: Is Akshan Doomed To Be Unviable Forever?

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Can Riot really do anything to fix the problems with Akshan and how weak he is amongst the champion roster?

Now that we’ve been able to live with Akshan for a short period it’s easy to identify that there are some serious shortcomings with this champion. On Jul 29 there was a micropatch released for him to help boost his win rate, which is extremely telling to where he sits in the current landscape of the game. But, because of his design, he might be doomed to never be a viable pick.

Right now the problems with Akshan are clear as day: he doesn’t do anywhere near enough damage, his wave clear is bad, and his revive mechanic is the base of his kit but isn’t a constant threat to the enemy team. The update will see his attack speed increase (2.5% to 4%) along with his Q damage to minions (40-70% to 40-90%). This may fix his minion damage but in the end, it’s likely that he’ll still be severely underpowered against enemy champions. But, if Riot decides to actually change that they’ll risk him being a dangerously OP champ.

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The reason why you can’t add on to Akshan’s damage is because of the fact that he has an instant rez on practically an extremely fast cooldown. If his damage was anywhere comparable to the other marksmen in the game he’d easily be the best champion in the game. Any kill secured by the enemy team would be worthless because Akshan would quickly swoop in and bring his teammate back before you could even recall.

However, right now Akshan’s revive utility is more of a convenience than anything. Players don’t make a B-line straight for a scoundrel as soon as their teammate gets slain. So, whether you get that instant rez will all depend on if your Akshan is on roaming to lane.

The really unfortunate thing about this is that Akshan is probably the most balanced champion to be released in a very long time. But, where he comes up short is that he’s trying to compete with a cast of super overpowered champions that demolish health bars in an instant. His shortcomings may not be entirely his fault, but it may be a while that we see him become a viable champion if ever.

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