League of Legends: Streamer Parnellyx Gets Account Permaban For Death Threats In Chat

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Streamer Parnellyx crosses the line in-game and gets his account permaban.

If the toxicity in the League of Legends community wasn’t bad enough this incident absolutely takes the cake. Popular Warick streamer “Parnellyx” got a permaban on his main account thanks to his choice words in what he described as his “worst angry outburst.” But as much as the game can stress users out, let this incident be a reminder to every player that there’s a clear boundary that shouldn’t be crossed no matter how much a griefer may get under your skin.

Parnellyx came under fire after he was permaban for an incredibly graphic game chat. His comments were directed to both a teammate and the League of Legends community where he talked about killing his teammate and the need for a mass shooting at an event.

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There’s no way that he couldn’t have seen this coming. Although Riot hasn’t done the best job at cracking down on griefers in the past, their attempts show that they’re at the very least paying attention to what’s happening in the game. A high-profile name like his couldn’t have gone very long without them catching wind of what happened and the extreme nature of his words make it really hard to argue against the permaban.

Parnellyx is not the only person who faces this level of frustration and it’s important to note that there’s an additional level of stress added on when a person makes a living off of a game like this. But, let’s not blow things out of proportion here, at the end of the day League of Legends is just that… a game. If you don’t like it there’s always the option to exit and do something else. To go to the point of threatening bodily harm on someone is a far cry from rational.

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Thankfully for him, he wasn’t given an IP ban so it’s still possible to work his way back to Challenger on a separate account. Maybe he’ll take away something from this and not make the same mistakes in the future. League of Legends can be an extremely frustrating game for all of us but it’s important to never lose yourself amongst the toxicity.

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