2021 LCS Summer Split: Power Rankings Week Nine

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Weekly LCS power rankings for week nine of LCS play during the 2021 summer split.

It’s time for the final LCS power rankings of the 2021 Summer Split. With nine weeks of play concluded we now have the playoff picture set. Now it’s time to see who has a shot to make it to Worlds. Let’s dive into the power rankings to see who’s on the right track as the playoffs begin this weekend.

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10. CLG

Another week and another CLG tenth place finish. At this point, CLG fans are just glad the season is over. A 12-33 overall and 7-20 summer split record both ranked as the worst marks in the LCS in 2021, leaving little to doubt they’re the worst team.

9. Flyquest

Wow, what a fall. Last year a worlds team, this year a return to the bottom of the standings.  A bad summer split doomed them to miss the playoffs. Though they did have a chance to make the playoffs but a week nine loss to Golden Guardians will have them missing out.  However, this year was really just a development year for their young core, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss of a season.

8. Golden Guardians

Big surprise, they made the playoffs after a terrible spring. An eight-win improvement over spring culminated in a head-to-head win over Flyquest that gave them the last playoff spot. Expectations should be low for this team in the playoffs, but getting there is still a good starting point after the spring they had.


This team is prone to streaks. Unfortunately, they’re on a three-game losing streak heading into the playoffs. I don’t think they will make worlds. They just have too many streaks where they lose in bunches. They could surprise us and find a winning streak, but even if they score an upset ,or two one bad weekend ends it all.


Another week another Dignitas sixth-place finish. While they did reach the upper bracket with a sixth seed, nothing dictates that this team is very strong. Their summer record was bad at 12-15 and it seemed like they coasted on a better than expected spring. They may win one losers bracket match, but don’t expect much more than that.

5.Team Liquid

Fifth is a bit disappointing for this team. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if a playoff run is in the cards for them. They are still good and did only finish at most three games behind each of the four teams ahead of them. They’re on the cusp of upsetting the standings and getting to worlds again.

4. Cloud9

Cloud9 is still in the upper tiers of the LCS despite an underwhelming summer split. However, they have won two games in a row to finish off the season including a win over Team Liquid, who they now see again in the first round.  I would say this team is motivated to reach worlds and they very well could do it.

3.100 Thieves

They looked so good all year only to falter in the last week of the season. Losses to both TSM and Evil Geniuses can’t be good for morale heading into the playoffs. However, they are still the second seed and have a double bye heading into the playoffs. They can still beat any team in the field, but they could be the team most susceptible to an upset.

2.Evil Geniuses 

They finished a strong summer split with a 2-1 weekend and beat 100 Thieves forcing a three-way tie for the best summer record. This team was only a game away from a top-two seed. So the playoffs will be their chance to see if this team can keep up with the heavy hitters of the LCS and get a spot at Worlds.

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They won the head-to-head match with 100 Thieves to earn the top spot in the LCS playoffs for 2021.  At this point, it’s pretty much LCS title or bust for TSM. They’ll not only want to avenge the 0-6 2020 Worlds finish but also reclaim the LCS title after winning it last summer. They are in the prime position to do so with the number one seed.