New League of Legends Skins Coming in New PBE Update

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League of Legends adding new skins to the game during new patch update.

Patch 11.17 of League of Legends is hitting the PBE and with it some brand new skins. There are currently eight new skins set to come to the game across two skin lines. Crime City Nightmare will be one of the new themes along with what is being called Phoenix. Let’s look at the new skins and review them.

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The first one up is Crime City Nightmare Akali at 1350 RP. It looks good, dark, menacing, intimidating. Just what we don’t need more Akali skins that will sell well. The more nice skins that sell well the more we see her in game and man do I really hate playing against Akali. This skin will also have nine chromas.

Then we have Crime City Nightmare Darius also at 1350 RP. Much like Akali, the skin looks good, but it’s like really another Darius skin. It’s not ugly but doesn’t he have enough of them.  You can also expect nine chromas for this skin as well

Then we have Crime City Nightmare Shaco also at 1350 RP. I think this skin fits him perfectly since Shaco is a nightmare to play against. Though he isn’t as bad as Akali and seems to have less skins than her, so I’m fine with it. I think it’s one of his nicer skins too.  Nine chromas are avalible with this skin.

Then we have Crime City Nightmare Twisted Fate with nine chromas and a cost of 1350 RP. It does look cool I’ll give it that, but it’s not on my radar Twisted Fate snce I don’t  really play him. The thing with all of new Crime City skins talked about earlier is they look cool, but as a support main I don’t use these champs.

Although, the next skin is Crime City Nightmare Zyra at 1350 RP with nine chromas. This one looks like a solid skin too, but I think it’s on par with alot of her other skins. I wouldn’t get this one over crystal rose with RP, but if it ended up coming from a chest I’d be ok with that.

Next we have Divine Phoenix Anivia. WOW, this skin is beautiful!!! I mean no I’m not an Anivia main, but this one would make me want to play her more. This is a great selection, even up against some of Anivia’s best. It doesn’t have an RP cost yet, but it looks to me like it could be around that 1820 mark. This skin will have eight chromas avalible for it as well.

Then we have graceful Phoenix Seraphine which also has eight chromas. It also doesn’t have a price tag at the moment, but similar to Anivia’s it looks beautiful. It’s nice to see her get a cheaper skin than her legendary release skin. I would consider this one for sure.

The final skin we have is Brave Phoenix Xayah also sporting eight chromas. This skin is super pretty and well worth the buy. I just hope theres a Rakan one coming soon as well.

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Overall it seems like League of Legends is adding two great new lines of skin during the next patch.

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