LCS Playoffs 2021: Cloud9 Rallies To Potential Worlds Berth

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Cloud9 is back to form in this Wild Wild West LCS Summer Playoffs 2021.

After their less than stellar Summer Split it’s a pretty pleasant surprise to see that team Cloud9 is back to their former glory. They’re normally a very reliable representative for the North American region at the World Championships and with this drastic head turn, they’ll possibly find themselves right back in the picture.

Cloud9’s only misstep this entire playoff has been running into Team Liquid, the team that’s been absolutely squashing everyone put in front of them. If you haven’t been keeping up TL is responsible for banishing 3 of the top 4 teams to the lower bracket and patiently await a challenger in the Grand Finals. But ever since taking that loss to TL, Cloud9 has yet to drop a game, collecting clean sweeps against Golden Guardians and Evil Geniuses.

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It looks like they’ve finally got their chemistry back. They say in moments of adversity you’ll find out exactly what your made of and right now we’re finding out exactly who Cloud 9 is. You’d never think based on the way they started the Summer that this was the same team vying for a Worlds spot.

Their matchup against Golden Guardians went as expected, although GG made it to playoffs outside of their own fanbase nobody expected much of them. But the real telling moment for Cloud 9 was the way that they steamrolled Evil Geniuses, the darkhorse of the LCS. While there were some missteps by EG, C9 didn’t miss a beat when it came time to capitalize on those errors. They’re back in competitive form and it’s been a beautiful thing to watch, they have a tough road ahead of them but if they keep playing like this they’ll be a threat to anyone standing in front of them.

Their next matchup will be on Aug 22 where they’ll be going up against TSM to see who’ll meet 100 Thieves in the Losers Finals. Coverage will begin at 4 PM EST on the official LCS Twitch channel and Youtube.

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