LCS Playoffs 2021: TSM vs Cloud9 Recap

Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games.
Photo by Tina Jo/Riot Games. /

Cloud9 shocks the region sending home the #1 seeded TSM FTX in the 2021 LCS Summer Playoffs.

This 2021 LCS Playoffs have been full of unexpected surprises and this matchup between TSM and Cloud9 makes its way to the list along with the rest. In a shocking upset Cloud9 takes the top-seeded TSM off the board to lock in their spot for the 2021 World Championship. Heading into the playoffs TSM was without a doubt on most if not everyone’s radar cakewalk their way to at least one of the spots for Worlds. But it seems that this wasn’t the time running into a Cloud9 who’s looked almost unbeatable since their opening loss in the tournament.

After a convincing game 1 trouncing by TSM the series seemed to be there’s for the taking. But the reoccurring theme of TSM’s losses was that they constantly failed to execute and kept getting caught out at the end of team fights. It’s insane that not even a monster performance from TSM’s star top laner ‘Huni’ was enough for them to control the momentum against Cloud9. They gave away kills at inopportune times which let Cloud9 creep their way back into the game.

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But Cloud9’s efforts are to be commended because they kept fighting up until the very end. Through crafty plays like the game-deciding base race for eternal in Game 2 they toughed their way out into the win. Timely picks by Fudge in Game 4 kept them sticking around long enough to seal the victory in that game. Which all culminated into them completely running over TSM in game 5. They wore down TSM till they had nothing left then delivered the final blow for overall victory.

With Cloud9 back in form, it’s hard to see them not taking home the trophy. Especially after defeating both Evil Geniuses and TSM in pretty convincing fashion. They’ll have to knock off Team Liquid and 100 Thieves moving forward so the road ahead will be difficult. But, if you take into account the way they’ve been it’s clear that they’re no longer the team that we saw wet the bed during the Summer Split.

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