LEC Playoffs 2021: Fnatic Gaming vs G2 Esports Reaction

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Round 3 is over it’s time to find out which team signed their ticket to the 2021 World Championships, Fnatic or G2?

We just got to see Fnatic and G2 Esports put on a show for the world to see, my god was round 3 of the LEC Playoffs a treat. Not only were these two teams fighting it out for the LEC crown but this happened to be the deciding match for the final spot to represent the region at worlds. So congratulations to Fnatic Gaming on beating all the odds and rising past the superteam of G2 to sign their ticket to the League of Legends World Championships.

This series was the definition of a back-and-forth matchup.  Every time it looked like one team was ready to grab the momentum their opponent would bounce back with a victory in the following game. As the series extended you could see both of these teams had a fire lit under them that wasn’t ready to shrink underneath the bright lights.

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However, you could really feel that something was coming after G2’s win in game 3.  Although they came away with the W it wasn’t in a convincing fashion. The third match was extremely close up until the final push from G2 after they secured Baron but what could Fnatic do when they were fighting an uphill battle. Their wave clear was abysmal and it was a little too late for them to be playing for picks.

That feeling was only reinforced by games 4 and 5 where Fnatic absolutely wiped the floor with G2. Thanks to early kill leads and a constantly growing gold differential we saw FNC completely steamroll G2 similar to their win in game 2.

Unfortunately for G2, they ran into some competition hellbent on taking out everyone in the region. Coming in as the fifth seed in the LEC Fnatic wasn’t on many people’s radar to make it to worlds. But after their displays taking out not only G2 but Misfits as well it’s looking like they might be good enough to take it all.

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