League of Legends: New Pentakill Skins Coming To PBE

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League of Legends resident band PENTAKILL has some new skins on their way to the PBE along with a new addition to the group.

The band is officially ready to rock with these new Pentakill skins that are slated to hit the PBE. In honor of PENTAKILL’s third album set to release on Sept. 8 titled “The Lost Chapter,” the band is getting a new look to complement their newest member.

Making his debut as the band’s frontman this time around is The Ruined King, Viego. In addition, the rest of the band which includes Karthus, Sona, Mordekaiser, Olaf, Yorick, and Kayle will also be receiving a skin in the line.

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Customary of most classic metal bands all of these champions will have on a similarly styled uniform, with the only standouts being Mordekaiser and Viego. These super sleep threads will have gold accents from top to bottom and Mordekaiser’s armor set will be mainly gold. Viego unlike the rest of his bandmates will stand out in an all-white uniform with his usual green ruination aura changed to a rocking red along with the blade of his sword.

Each of the characters will be receiving new move and recall animations to fit the theme. Most of these animations will have custom sound effects similar to a real rock show including guitar licks and crowd screams. The new Mordekaiser skin features a devilish guitar screech with each swing of his axe.

Riot put a lot of time into these new skins. All for good reason, just like these skins the quality of the music is sure to knock your socks off. The album is set to have “up to 10 tracks” and if the past has shown us anything Riot’s music division is always cooking up something great.

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