2021 World Championship: Ranking The LEC Teams Headed To Worlds

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Between Rogue, MAD Lions, and Fnatic who should be the favorite out of the LEC for Worlds?

The LEC teams headed to the 2021 World Championships have been decided. Between Rogue, Fnatic, and MAD Lions each has a legitimate shot at making some big noise this year. When the action begins on Nov 6. we’ll see just how prepared they are for the bright light but till then here’s our ranking for the three EU teams headed to Worlds this year.

3. Rogue

Rogue recently made a case as one of the top teams in the EU region this year finishing top two in both the Spring and Summer split. Amongst their region, they’re without a question the top dog but as far as the international stage is concerned they’re fairly green.

The thing about Rogue, especially from what we’ve seen out of them most recently is that they’re great when the chips aren’t on the line but often fold when the spotlight is on them. They’re working right now to change that, if they can defeat MAD Lions to capture the LEC crown they’ll absolutely rewrite the narrative but it’s yet to be seen.

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2. Fnatic

It wouldn’t be a wise choice to doubt the ability of Fnatic. They’ve yet to drop a series in their regional tournament and look poised to take home the crown. This organization has a long history in the World Championships including being the very first winner of the World title.

They’ve got the experience and talent but just as easily as they’ve risen to this next level of play they can revert back to their former self. Fnatic exited the Summer Split as the fifth seed in the LEC and that can’t be ignored.

1. MAD Lions

MAD Lions have an affinity for the bright lights and it’s always a treat to watch them perform when the stage is set. They’ve blazed through the rest of their region and now await an opponent in the grand finals for the championship. They’re a team that can get it done and has gotten it done in the past.

They’re no stranger to International play, after winning the Spring Playoffs they went on to compete at the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational. Going up against some of the best that the world has to offer gave us a good hint at what MAD Lions was made of. They exited the Invitational with a third/fourth-place finish and their star ADC Carzzy left with MVP honors. If there’s any team to watch out for from the EU without a shadow of a doubt it would be MAD Lions.

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