LCS Championships 2021: 100 Thieves Takes Home The Crown

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100 Thieves are your 2021 LCS Summer Champions.

The LCS 2021 Summer season has now come to a close and in superbly dominating fashion 100 Thieves holds the title of a champion amongst the North American region. It’s been a hard-fought road of ups and down as they’ve at multiple points looked like the best NA had to offer so it feels as if the trophy was theirs to lose. We saw the best out of 100 Thieves last weekend, and without a doubt they’ll make some major noise as we move forward into the World Championships.

The Grand Finals ended up being a payback match between Team Liquid and 100 Thieves. Unlike their first matchup, 100 Thieves absolutely steamrolled Team Liquid. In the end, the Thieves posted a 3-0 shutout on the board, sending Team Liquid home in the worst way possible. It was exciting to watch but probably hell if you were a Team Liquid fan, no adjustment could be made to stop the giant that was 100 Thieves.

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The teams anchor and star jungler Can “Closer” Çelik made sure to do his nickname proud and close out the playoffs with a spectacular finish. He posted one of his highest kill games (11) in these finals and looked unstoppable from the start. We also saw some great play out of the teams ADC Victor “FBI” Huang who looked incredible. Most notably his accuracy with Jhin was eye-popping, from long-range he constantly rained down damage on the Team Liquid roster and it didn’t look like he could miss even if he wanted to.

100 Thieves were firing on all cylinders when the chips were on the table. That type of clutch factor is going to make a big difference once they start competing with teams from other regions. How will you respond to the bright lights? Although the team is relatively inexperienced against international competition they clearly are not afraid of the moment and that’ll help them make a deep run at the upcoming World Championships.

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