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Draven, Lee Sin, and Renekton changes coming in with League of Legends Patch 11.18

It’s about time for the World Championship and League of Legends Patch 11.18 is the first of the two pro-centered updates that’ll be rolled out heading into the biggest tournament in LoL Esports. As expected from Riot there’s a ton of changes happening in 11.18, according to them this patch is where we’ll see the major moves happen followed by 11.19 where they’ll scale back some. By increasing the pick pool Riot’s hoping that the pros will give fans a chance to see more of their favorites do damage on the major stage.

Patch 11.18 Full Notes

System Buffs


Ramp up time:1.5s to 1s; Max Movement Speed: 45% to 60%

Umbral Glaive

Cost: 2600 to 2400; Lethality: 12 to 10

Champion Nerfs


Base AD: 57 to 55


W Cooldown: 14-4 to 18-4


P Cooldown: 16/13/10 to 20/15/10s


Passive Duration: 1.25s to 0.5s


R Knockup Duration:1.5-2s to 1-2s

Lee Sin

Base AD: 70-68


W Empowered Stun Duration: 1.5s to 1s


Base movement speed: 335 to 330; E Max Bonus Damage: 100-200% AD(+1 per soul) to 80-200% AD(+1.5 per soul)


E slow: 32-60% to 30-46%


P Non-champ Attack Speed: 20% to 10-20%; Base AD: 61 to 59

Champion Buffs


Q Max Damage To Monsters: 300-350 to 350-650; R heals 20% missing HP to 15/20/25% missing HP as bonus HP; R max HP healing: 20/45/70% to 20/40/60%


R hits on enemies that would leave their HP lower than Draven’s passive stack count are executed


Base HP: 540 to 570; HP per level: 82 to 90


Q Mana cost: 20 to 16-20


E Cooldown: 16-12 to 16-10


Armor: 26 to 28; E Shield: 80-260 to 90-270


E damage AP Ratio: 50% to 70%

Miss Fortune

R Waves: 12-16 to 14-18


E Cooldown: 26-18 to 24-16


R causes all damage to apply Grevious Wounds


R clears all Grevious Wounds


Q casts on Worked Ground refunds 50% cooldown; Worked Ground Radius: 450 to 300; WG duration: 45s to 25s


R AD: 20-60% to 30-70%


Q Cooldown: 12-8% to 10-8%; Mana cost: 80 to 70%


W shielding per extra champion hit: 25% to 50%


P Cooldown: 18-6 to 14-6


Passive now deals 100% bonus damage to monsters


E Cooldown: 20-14 to 16-12

Champion Adjustments


Passive Damage reduction: [4 + 1%AP] to [8 + 2% AP]; W On-hit damage: 10/15/20/25/30 to 20/25/30/35/40; R Damage (Guppy): [150/250/350 +80% AP] to [150/225/300 +70% AP]; R damage (Chomper): [225/325/425 +100% AP] to [200/275/35 +85% AP]; R damage (Gigalodon): [300/400/500 +120% AP] to [250/325/400 +100% AP]


Base Attack Speed: 0.625 to 0.688; Base HP Regen: 1.8 to 1.5; Q now deals 25% bonus damage; E damage: 60-180 to 50-170


Base HP Regen:1.5 to 0.5s; Regen growth: 0.75s to 0.55s; P Large Monster Healing:18-94 to 28-105; Q Passive duration: 5.5s to 6.5s;  E cooldown: 18 to 16


P Attack Speed: 50% to 20-80%; W Cooldown: 7-6s to 6s


Q Base Damage: 65-165% to 65-154%; W now deals 50% bonus damage against monster.

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Riot is going off the rails with this newest installment, nerfing your favorites and buffing everyone else seems to be the name of the game. Every high selection pro pick got nerfed but nothing too drastic that’d make them completely unplayable. Lee Sin, Renekton, Camille, and Trundle are just a few that popped out but basically if they’re frequently picked they took a hit.

Now where it gets interesting is the buffs. There are some pretty outrageous buffs coming that’s sure to get some of your favorite champions a little more playtime in the future. Giving Draven an instant execute with his ultimate is bananas, putting that kind of power in the hands of a pro is going to inspire a lot of people to pick up the champions just for style points. On top of that, we see champions like Kog’Maw and Twitch get some pretty healthy damage buffs. Miss Fortune adding four more waves to her ultimate is a big deal too, there’s going to be a ton of action happening once World’s begins.

Another interesting change is them trying to pivot Talon into the jungle. In the past we’ve seen what a big monster damage boost can do, champions like Darius, Morganna, and Rumble all became top-tier junglers in Season 11. If Talon continues the trend that’s a serious threat but with all the potential bans it might be a sacrifice teams will have to live with.

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