5 best champions to play in mid right now


With the latest patch coming in, who are the best mid laning champions to play right now?

Mid laning is sometimes thought of to be the most difficult and most glorious of all the roles on summoners rift. Rock bands have lead guitarists, football teams have their point guards, and league of legends has their mid laners. Whether its Faker playing a sick LeBlanc or Bjergsen dealing tons of magic damage before laning phase is over, everyone loves mid laners.

Which is why it’s super important to learn who you should be trying out in mid no matter what elo you currently reside in. These mid laners should all have plenty of magic burst damage to go along with gap closers, and maybe even a stun or two. It’s all about out maneuvering your opponent in mid, so things like these will go a long way.

Here are the top five champions to play in mid right now.

Annie-Classic /


Everyone loves the fire demon girl. From the first time you stepped on the rift, Annie was always an option to play. She has everything we love about mid laners, a stun, tons of burst damage, and can even send her bear, tibbers, out there to do the dirty work for her. Annie is super solid right now as a mid laner and should not be overlooked in champion select.

http://www.lolnews247.com/tag/leblanc/ /


LeBlanc is one of the most annoying champs to play in mid. Not only does she have a gap closer, but can also root you in place. Just when you think she is out of position, she will either send a clone out there or shift back to her original place. Her combo does tons of magic damage, which should make most fear her in mid lane.

Katarina orginal
Katarina orginal /


Katarina isn’t really viable in pro play anymore. She is just too easy to shut down with heavy CC. With that being said, she is a completely viable mid laner in the rest of the elos. Her crazy gap closer and ultimate allow her to do so much burst damage that penta-kills are basically always a threat when Katarina is on the rift.

cass original
cass original /


Cassiopeia has become somewhat of a staple in not just pro play, but other elos as well. Her stun and poison should make just about anybody fear her in team fights and her laning phase is stronger than just about anybody out there in mid. Fear the snake or the snake will come back to bite you.

http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/ahri/ /


So your telling me that Ahri has a charm, bursty Q, and a gap closing ult that deals magic damage? Wait a minute, that satisfies all of our criteria for mid laning champions. Ahri is the best choice out there for mid lane. She does everything so well and is so easily snow balled because of her amazing laning phase. Watch out for Ahri, or Ahri will make you pay.

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