TSM Fire Head Coach KC Woods


TSM is determined for greatness this year, and it’s clear they didn’t believe KC Woods was the right man to lead them there.

They always say that sports organizations only care about results and everything is a business decision that shouldn’t be taken personally, and it looks like eSports is getting that way as well.

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After only five weeks into the current season, Team SoloMid has decided to fire their head coach KC Woods. We first heard of this last night when Woods took to Twitter to announce that he was no longer with TSM.

A few hours ago, TSM made the official announcement on their website. In the post, it was stated that there were some issues and the organization hoped for Woods to come out on top of everything, but ultimately, “…[Woods] was unable to progress at a rate where he could become the coach we needed given our limited time.”

Saying they have limited time sounds weird at first, but the expectations around the team won’t allow for them to have a long grace period where people are patient with them. It doesn’t matter if you agree with that thought process or not, but it’s what TSM is dealing with right now. After all, that’s what happens when you assemble what looks to be a “super team.” TSM is currently second in the NA LCS with a 7-3 record, but the road to this point hasn’t been easy or impressive – even though they did look pretty good last week.

According to the TSM article, they have several candidates under consideration and will make an announcement when they decide what to do. However, it doesn’t seem like they need to be in a rush to do anything as what they are looking for in a head coach is uncertain. For TSM, they want their head coach to be more of a “life coach” who doesn’t deal with the game side of things, and to be frank, that simply doesn’t seem necessary.  Why waste all those resources on someone who goes around and says generic things like, “just go out there and do your best.” It seems like a waste.

They still have Jarge as their strategic coach, but everything he does seems to point to an eSports head coach. It would be nice if they could at least give him a couple of weeks as the only coach to see how things go.

It will be interesting to see how the team responds as they have a tough weekend ahead with games against Cloud9 and Team Dignitas.