NA LCS caster disrespects Renegades


Renegades were a joke for much of the spring split, but they really turned it on late and gained some respect for themselves.

The promotion tournament for the NA LCS started last night with a matchup between Team Dignitas and Team Dragon Knights.

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Team Dragon Knights ultimately won the series, and their prize is a series against Renegades at 3:00 pm eastern today. The winner of that series will earn a spot on the NA LCS, and the loser will have one more series against either Team Impulse or Apex Gaming for a chance at the LCS.

During last night’s broadcast, caster Dom Roemer made a little mistake (well, hopefully, it was a mistake) when referring to Renegades.

Roemer mistakingly called Renegades “Relegades,” and Aidan “Zirene” Moon’s reaction says it all.

The term “Relegades” is something that started going around during the middle of the split when Renegades were playing very poorly. However, it should be noted that the team really picked things up towards the end of the season and actually looked like a solid team in the NA LCS. Were they one of the top teams? No. But they weren’t worthy of the “Relegades” title anymore.

Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles, the co-owner of Renegades, did not appreciate the rude remark about his team and was not shy about saying so.

As you can see, Josh “Jatt” Leesman quickly came to the defense of his fellow caster. It probably was just a mistake, but it’s scary how easily it slipped out of Roemer’s mouth. MonteCristo might be extra defensive towards NA LCS casters right now due to the casting situation going on for the upcoming Mid-Season Invitational.

This isn’t something that should have been made into a big deal, but it’s understandable that MonteCristo would be upset when he feels that his team is disrespected. Maybe he will get over this down the road and see how funny the moment actually was.

Surely he’ll be in a great mood if his team is able to lock up a spot for the NA LCS summer split today.