Riot misled Easyhoon about the SKT skins


The drama around the SKT skins sure was ugly when they were first revealed, but things have calmed down since then.

You’re not tired of hearing about the upcoming SK Telecom T1 World Championship skins, right?

Before we dive into the newest addition to this saga, lets first take a look back on the timeline of the skins. Things started nearly a week ago when Riot launched the new SKT skins on the Public Beta Environment. The skins were extremely underwhelming, and the community was freaking out about it. Then, two days later, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok complained about the skins himself. After that, Riot announced that they were putting the skins on hold so they could fix them.

One of the ways Riot said they would fix the set of skins is by adding an Azir one for Lee “Easyhoon” Ji-hoon. Easyhoon was the sixth-man for SKT and played an important role for that team, so it was shocking to see Riot overlooked him at first. The community spoke out about how much they disliked the skins at first, and one of the loudest complaints was the fact that Easyhoon was being dismissed.

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Easyhoon must have seen all of the support he was getting, because he believes that’s the main reason he is getting a skin, “It’s all thanks to the support of fans that Azir is getting an SKT skin. Thank you,” said Easyhoon.

Easyhoon also added, “After the Season 5 finals, I spoke with someone who works on the skins at the after party. They told me that they were thinking of releasing the skin in a positive direction so I thought there would be news of an Azir skins but I was surprised when I heard the actual news. I would like to thank all the fans who supported me and concerned themselves with this.”

It’s disappointing to see that Easyhoon thought he would be getting a skin. The disappointment he felt when he saw himself missing from the SKT skins must have been really painful. It’s good that things worked out in the end, but it should have never been this hard to begin with. Riot should have done the right thing from the start.

Easyhoon’s Azir skin better be amazing.