2016 World Championship: Day 6 group stage guide

Worlds Group C feat. EDG, ahq, INTZ, H2K, courtesy of lolesports.com
Worlds Group C feat. EDG, ahq, INTZ, H2K, courtesy of lolesports.com /

Day 5 of the 2016 World Championship was insane. Here’s hoping for a great Day 6!

Day 5 had it all. Incredible upsets. A 60-minute game. History made as an international wildcard qualified for the bracket stage. And even a bonus game, as Albus NoX Luna and ROX Tigers played a tiebreaker for first place. Day 6 will have its work cut out trying to match that level of excitement.

Day 6 features the last matches of Group C. EDward Gaming was favored to come out on top of this group, and despite a hiccup to INTZ e-Sports (what is up with IWC teams?), they are playing super patiently and should have no problem getting the top seed.

Ahq e-Sports club has also played well after a so-so split in the LMS. H2K Gaming and INTZ are each a game behind and have to play catchup.

EDward Gaming vs. INTZ e-Sports: watch score 6/10 (7:00 PM ET)

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Like ROX Tigers did yesterday, EDG has what should be the best schedule of the day. Of course, they lost to INTZ last week, but I think the prevailing notion should be that EDG played cocky in that previous match and should be better prepped this time around.

After this, they don’t have a back-to-back and will see ahq several times before facing them later. The alternate stream in this game is an INTZ fog of war stream.

ahq e-Sports club vs H2K Gaming: watch score 7/10 (8:00 PM ET)

This should be a battle for second-place, or even first if ahq can beat EDG later. H2K will try to salvage their group and pick up Europe’s third win of the tournament. Their first game went pretty solid for ahq as the LMS team’s execution and calls were consistently better.

The alternate stream focuses on the top lane matchup between ahq’s Yi “Ziv” Chen and H2K’s Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu, which could decide the match. H2K’s ADC Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou gets a ton of press for his controversial character, but Odoamne is more critical to their success.

H2K Gaming vs EDward Gaming: watch score 4/10 (9:0

Forg1ven lolesports
Forg1ven lolesports /

0 PM ET)

H2K might be out of the tournament if they don’t win the earlier match against ahq. Unluckily for them, they get no respite in this tilt vs. EDG.

The alternate stream will be a hoot, though. Forg1ven vs Deft, two of the best ADCs in the world going off. Deft has the better support, but Forg1ven has been known to solo carry.

INTZ e-Sports vs ahq e-Sports club: watch score 5/10 (10:00 PM ET)

ahq played a patient, respectful game against INTZ and never allowed them to control anything. They should be able to do that again. The top lane is the most interesting matchup here, Ziv vs. INTZ’s Felipe “Yang” Zhao, and that indeed is the alternate stream.

H2K Gaming vs INTZ e-Sports: watch score 6/10 (11:00 PM ET)

INTZ should go all-in on the early-game, as their two losses last week came against H2K and ahq’s superior macro. Both junglers are known for their aggression and the alternate stream will focus on that matchup.

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EDward Gaming vs ahq e-Sports Club: watch score 8/10 (12:00 AM ET)

The best game of the night, this should be for first-place in the group. EDG really developed their macro playing the bootcamp before Worlds, but ahq can play that game too. One late-game teamfight could decide everything.

The alternate stream is EDG’s fog of war so we can second guess their decisions with the same information the team has.

Who do you think comes out on top of Group C?

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