What are the main structures in League?

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When it comes to the main structures of League of Legends, it’s important to remember patience is everything in the grand scheme of things.

The main objectives of League of Legends always make every match competitive. It’s all about using your surroundings, getting final kills on minions, containing enemy champions and above all else, be smart when it comes to taking down the main structures of the game.

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From turrets, inhibitors, and of course the nexus, it’s important to stress that patience is needed in order to successfully destroy them. When it comes to turrets, remember to let your fellow minions do all the work.

Don’t attack a turret until you have a few minions that are attacking it since if it focuses on you, it’s not worth losing such a vast amount of health. Since they attack the nearest enemy, it’s important to let the minions always get the main focus of a turret.

Try to attack a turret with a group of minions by your side since it’ll go through all of them before focusing on you. It’s important to play League with a headset since the moment a turret focuses on you, you’ll hear a unique sound which should tell you to run out like there is no tomorrow.

Inhibitors are another main structure in League that when destroying them, give you and your teammates a major advantage. Once you take down an inhibitor, you’ll give your team super minions that will spawn and do an incredible amount of damage. Inhibitors don’t attack at all but make sure to be careful of the inhibitor turret since it follows the same strategy of a regular turret.

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Keep in mind inhibitors do respawn after a few minutes so make sure to take them down again if you’re unable to continue progressing. If you fail to take down the nexus and have to start over again, take out inhibitors first before going for the win.

Last but certainly not least is the nexus which is essentially the main focus of winning or losing. This is the central point of any base and once destroyed means a team is victorious. Minions will continuously spawn from the nexus as it’s protected by two nexus turrets.

Remember to take out both nexus turrets before focusing on the nexus. At least one inhibitor must be destroyed before you can successful take out both nexus turrets. As mentioned earlier, patience is key and as long as you stick to taking down turrets before going after the main structure, you should win plenty of games.

Overall, these are the main structures of the game so make sure to let your teammates know ahead of time of what to focus on. Especially before everyone ends up dying due to unnoticed turrets taking people down one by one.