Bard is top free champion to play in Sep. Week 1

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Heading into the first week of September, Bard, the Wandering Caretaker, is the top character to play in the free champion rotation of League of Legends.

The free champion rotation is live in League of Legends as this time around, it focuses on mostly Mage and Fighter type of characters. In the grand scheme of things, the free champion rotation is great for Summoners regardless of their level or skill since it’s always good to learn other champions for roles outside of your primary one.

This week, the top free champion Summoners should definitely check out if they haven’t done so already, is easily Bard, the Wandering Caretaker. Primarily a Support champion, Bard excels in healing, stuns, and transporting himself plus teammates across the map.

It might take some time to master his kit which focuses on stunning enemies to let your ADC and other teammates take care of business. Bard is one of the better healers in League of Legends since his W – Caretaker’s Shrine allows teammates to wait a bit and get a significant amount of healing by going over his healing shrines

Make sure to coordinate with teammates when it comes to using E- Magical Journey if you want to either plan an escape route or go in for a quick gank. Communication is key so let your teammates know what is the best strategy to go about once it becomes available.

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When it comes to Bard, make sure to focus on items that give him Health, Ability Power, and Mana Regeneration. Your teammates will undoubtedly love you the more often you use W – Caretaker’s Shrine to keep everyone topped off when it comes to their health.

If you’re feeling courageous, the same can be said for Bard’s ultimate, R – Tempered Fate. Sometimes you can go all in where the full enemy team or most of them are all huddled together and if you pop it, can set things up nicely for your teammates to go all in. It can also be used as an escape tactic to lock in enemy champions as teammates head to a tower or run for their lives.

For runes, focus on Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (9), Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (9), Greater Seal of Scaling Health (9), and Greater Quintessence of Ability Power (3). Bard currently has a 50.68 percent win rate as per Champion.GG so make sure if you want the best results, let your ADC know he synergizes well with Varus, Tristana, and Miss Fortune.

Overall, give Bard a shot and time to see everything he brings to the table. Who knows, you might fall in love with his abilities and add him to your collection if he’s not in it already. Once mastered, you’ll see that Bard, with the right ADC, can truly be a force to reckon with.