Full list of patch 7.21 bugfixes

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Patch update 7.21 brought a lot of changes to League of Legends and as always, more bugfixes! Here’s a full list of everything that has been fixed.

With patch update 7.21 being the final one of Season 7, League of Legends continues to head in the right direction. This latest patch update brought changes to popular jungle champions and finally addressed Ardent Censer.

For all you support mains out there, you’re undoubtedly upset that Ardent Censer was nerfed but in the grand scheme of things, it needed to happen to continue fair and competitive gameplay. Speaking of which, this latest patch update also addressed some of the latest bugs in League of Legends.

This time around, developers continued to focus on all the voiceover bugs and glitches that have been frustrating Summoners. For all you Nami mains out there, you’ve noticed that regardless what skin you had selected for a match, she had the same voiceovers and sound effects. Even the popular Primetime Draven skin had similar issues which have been addressed.

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The biggest bugfix of patch update 7.21 easily goes to Cho’Gath. For those of you that main him,  the glitch of how many stacks he has when using R – Feast has been fixed when it came to using it in the jungle.

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That’s right, if you now use it as a finishing move for either a Rift Herald or epic monsters, it will now count it properly. You can finally put your pen and paper away to keep track since due to this bug, it was hard to remember how many you had before it capped out and could only increase stacks by eating enemy champions.

Courtesy of the Media Relations Department of League of Legends, here is the full list of bugfixes that were corrected in patch update 7.21:

"Nami and all her skins properly play the correct SFX for auto-attacks empowered by E – Tidecaller’s Blessing (the audio has actually been tweaked and made more apparent as well)"

"Battlecast Alpha Skarner no longer incorrectly plays classic VO lines in addition to the correct ones"

"Primetime Draven no longer incorrectly plays classic VO lines"

"Star Guardian Miss Fortune is no longer missing a light beam particle during her recall"

"Headhunter Rengar no longer incorrectly plays classic “Predator” SFX when he activates R – Thrill of the Hunt"

"Pulsefire Caitlyn and all Lulu skins no longer get stuck with a blue overlay when W – Whimsy is used on them while they are in combat or affected by W – Yordle Snap Trap"

"Championship Thresh now properly plays the lantern-landing SFX when using W – Dark Passage"

"Cho’Gath’s R – Feast stacks now correctly count spawned Rift Heralds as epic monsters"